• PrinceWhatever Hacked on Youtube to Stream... Cryptocurrency Scam?

    Apparently a fake copyright strike from someone spoofing Youtube ended up stealing the info for brony musician PrinceWhatever's account yesterday. The hackers are now streaming a repeat of a talk about the cryptocurrency Etherium while running a scam to steal people's ETH.

    Unfortunately he now has no access at all to his account. Apparently Youtube had him fill out a form, and have him waiting for hopefully good news "within in a few days", which is surprising since the scam has been going on for a whopping 11 hours now over at his compromised channel. You would think Youtube would want to freeze something like that!

    You can find an image of the fake copyright strike below. Hopefully that helps anyone avoid it for their own channels. For now it's just a waiting game.

     Fake Copyright Strike: 

    Thanks to Micheal for the heads up.