• Equestria Girls: Epic Fails Follow Up

    Well I’m sure there wouldn’t be an episode with this title in the original series. Otherwise it would probably be a compilation of all the animation errors from the entire series. But for here, it’s out cast not looking their best. I’m sure our accidental lunch spills, distracted phone scrolling into a pole, and not so best selfie shared is something that happens to anyone. Right? Anyway, for our moral, everybody has their moments. Live with it, laugh with it, and move on. Best type of advice would be to never let them see you sweat and deny everything…even if it’s been recorded and shared through social media. Let’s see what our heroes do when dealing with their “happy accidents”.

    So we know Countess Coloratura exists in the human world, probably still Pinkie’s proclaimed “best pop star.” I’m sure with comics they’ve shown Sapphire Shores, a character I was looking forward to being in the show randomly, but this is fine, too. Especially with her simple and less diva based wardrobe change at the end of the episode “The Mane Attraction” (personal favorite episode of mine). And her biggest flop is falling during a yoga class. EqG can be a little too tame with adding more adult ideas to characters. No driving past a red light, no over drinking, I’d even take a wardrobe malfunction over a fall in yoga. Won't deny that looks painful, though.

    Oh Twilight. Of course your biggest fail moment is not carrying the 1 in your calculations. What was her experiment even supposed to be here? If it’s something like super hair gel for the large amounts of hair everyone has in this world, I can understand. Or if it’s bubble gum that never loses its flavor, then we may end up with a really hairless purple puppy on our hands.

    Cartoon rules 101: if you’re cooking something and black smoke is coming from it, it’s burning. No questions asked. But it’s nice to get a shared moment with our suspected relatives. And somehow this house seems like a combination of both characters. The apples everywhere mixed with pink wallpaper and fridge feels like this was picked out specifically to fit these two so we wouldn’t know whose house they’re burning. Just a theory.

    Yeah it wasn’t enough that you burned the pies. You also triggered a fire alarm that turned on the sprinkler system. That’s a big mess to deal with. Not to mention never realizing that Pinkie Pie wore eye liner compared to Applejack that has no makeup ruined. Not only a fail moment but a truly sad moment when baked goods are ruined. Especially with these two who live for their food creations.

    Oh do we have a doozy on our hands here. You have Rainbow Dash on the clock at work getting distracted with a soccer ball. That’s a natural born disaster here. But at least her work uniform is super cute. Love the signature hat and shoes. Bit concerned if her light blue pants/leggings were part of the uniform, though. Otherwise, we would be seeing our sports girl in Daisy Duke shorts.

    Kick and a miss Rainbow Dash. And I’ll hope for her sake that this wasn’t her manager or boss that just got his ball pyramid destroyed.

    Of all people, I would think it would be Fluttershy that would have a fail moment that involved her animal friends. I guess for a shy character, I would associate with awkward and maybe a little clumsy. So this is interesting that she really didn’t have too much involvement in this moment. But then again, did Fluttershy think birds knew how to do hairstyles?

    So this is a hairstyle that made a dog run and hide and accidentally injure a skateboarder. Maybe a little too much, but it probably hits home that you shouldn’t let birds make nests in your hair. Really Fluttershy, the Disney Princesses will not be pleased with how this turned out. Use your animal powers a little better next time.

    And award for most relatable moment goes to Sunset and Rarity. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve either tried to be subtle telling someone they have something in their teeth or if I had to be told. Though I do wonder what Rarity thought Sunset was doing while doing this. Not wondering at all why her friend looks so panicked while pointing at her teeth might just be a thing? And nothing really stopped Sunset from going over there to tell her that in secret. They’re in the library, not in class. But I will say Rarity is really working that spinach.

    Sunset, sweetheart, you’re not a pony anymore. You can’t go around eating the plants in the library. And wouldn’t you know it, but this was Sunset’s fail moment. Rarity was probably oblivious to the veggie leftovers in her teeth until hours later where I hope it fell out or…you know… someone actually whispered to her that it was there. Truly not Sunset’s greatest moment here. And this guy just can’t respect a girl who’s a dedicated vegetarian. You’re missing out buddy.

    Yep. This guy just has a problem with girls who eat vegetables. This was still there as her epic fail moment, but again, have to wonder if the guy actually told her about the spinach or not. For Rarity’s personality, she’s not good with setbacks or not looking her best. I can only imagine the freak out might’ve had if this was in her teeth for the rest of the day. It’s a nightmare I wouldn’t want anyone to experience.

    Ok in all honesty, that’s a lawsuit waiting to happen. I mean the sign was there, but who just leaves a wet mop leaning against the sign like that? Luckily nobody was actually hurt (as far as we know) and they can have a good laugh at the failed moments that have happened to them while their classmates look over in confusion. Also, anybody else wondering what Trixie could be talking to Vinyl Scratch about in private? Maybe swapping special effects and lighting ideas since they’re both stage performers?
    And that was Epic Fails, relatable moments of clumsy cuteness and accidental messes. Every cartoon should have moments like this on looking back on a character’s biggest embarrassments. It always gives you a moment to see that the characters aren’t that perfect and can have some less than charming moments. For me, I was in high school going to the bathroom between classes. Our bathrooms didn’t have doors on them but it’s not like you can look through the doorway and see anything. I was on my phone and didn’t pay attention that I walked into the boy’s bathroom. The only way I knew I was in the wrong bathroom was the wall of urinals. I was lucky nobody was using it and had to speed walk out of there casually going into the opening for the girl’s bathroom. Not my smartest moment. If you have your own moments, feel free to share and always be respectful of each other. They can be bad and embarrassing moments, but they’re moments that have passed and can be looked at as happy accidents. I’m Penny Wrights and be sure to look up from the phone when walking into random places.