• Twilightlicious Music: Koron Korak - Pony Daki Addict [DarkSynth]

    I always saw bronies as the western equivalent of otaku, noticing it on many levels such as one's love and dedication toward their waifu, and it always filled me with so much joy, being able to relate to all that. Koron encompassed some of that brony spirit in this new DarkSynth gem, sampling canon Twilight as well as some well-known shenanigans from Tara Strong, for a very headbangable result that gives all the nods to fellow pony dakimakura owners (such as yours truly, see my custom Dashie daki). Among the heavy music, the masterful instrumentation, and the creative Twilight-ness, it's time to rock out to this new brony anthem of sorts from master Koron! And if you have your own pictures of yourself with your daki or plushies, feel free to share them in the comments section! Keep feeling powerful things everypony! Also check out Koron's DeviantArt upload of the cover art, so impressive and dark!