• Spike Music: Omnipony - Dragon Greed (Brilliant Venture's DnB Drive VIP) [Dubstep]

    Originally from the album Legacy : In the Mix and featured on Cider Party as well, Brilliant Venture's remix of Omnipony's cherished classic was one of the many emotional wonders from the album, and our beloved musician went the extra mile once again with such an amazing "DnB Drive VIP" amping up the vocal chops and designed to be played live! Read the description written with love for more details! We're definitely blessed to get to hear the insane live version of such an emotional banger, and not just the song, as the video also has the same visuals used live at HarmonyCon, and you will be able to appreciate the Spike epicness!! Such thoughtful planning and setup is definitely very lovely to see as always from the musician, and I'm in love with just everything he has done here!