• COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and My Little Pony Conventions This Summer - What To Know

    We've had plenty of requests for a compilation of information on upcoming conventions this season in regards to the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) crisis. Several states in the USA have instituted bans on people gathering in crowds for the next month, and many countries are closing down entirely to travel from the outside.

    With this comes interruptions. Events all around the world are being postponed until later in the year, or straight up cancelled in many cases. At the moment, no one can say definitively that this will be ending anytime soon.

    There are mumblings that it will weaken in the summer months for the northern hemisphere, and reports that the virus is under control in South Korea and China after heavy quarantine, but many of these articles are being refuted and re-evaluated.

    Some countries are just getting started in responding to the pandemic. Particularly here in the US where we've barely even begun testing, while our insurance plans have always been a convoluted mess on figuring out what is actually covered. Insurance companies definitely appear to be soaking the copayments of testing, but treatment is another matter. Many here in the states are choosing to just grind it out rather than end up with a surprise bill. Of course, common knowledge changes every few hours, so don't quote us on that one.

    For now at least, we know the next month will be something most of us have never experienced, and on the pony front conventions have already started to respond. According to our compilation here on the site, we have eight coming up this summer alone. So far, three of them have released statements.

    Below the read more break, we will be covering each and updating as more information is available.

    Whinny City Pony Con has suspended badge sales. The event itself has not been cancelled, though they are waiting for further review of the overall Coronavirus situation

    Update 3/14 - Whinny City has delayed their convention to July 3rd-5th. 

    BABSCon Will continue as of the 11th of March citing that the San Fancisco County bans do not effect them in San Mateo County, though as of 9 hours ago, that has apparently changed. The ban is in place until the 3rd of April (though could be extended), which is outside of the BABScon window. They appear to be re-evaluating the situation.

    Update 3/19 - BABSCon cancels this year's con.  

    SeaquestriaFest currently has a tweet pinned with tips on avoiding the virus, and a statement from their venue saying essentially the same. Considering the convention is at the end of May, it's probably a little early anyway.

    GALACon's exact statement: "We are monitoring the situation closely and will wait for the next few weeks, which most likely will give us a good prediction about the development of Covid-19 and the situation in Germany. We then reevaluate the situation and keep you updated. Please also note that, with GalaCon happening in early August, there is still plenty of time, and the situation most likely will change until then."

    Update 3/29 - GALACon has been postponed until summer 2021. 

    We will keep you all updated on what the status of these conventions is be going forward. The entire world is pretty much just waiting and preparing with hundreds of reports a day providing new information while others refute those with addendums. Government responses can be slow, and at the end of the day it's really up to them. For now, wash your hands and try to avoid contact.

    Note To Conventions: If you are running or part of the PR group for a convention, please send us updates so we can get them added quicker. We will be monitoring Twitters, but direct submissions will always be faster.