• Planned My Little Pony / Brony Conventions for 2020

    Community! It's what keeps us strong even without a show. What better way to celebrate that than in person with a ton of other fans?

    We may have lost BronyCon last year, but that doesn't mean the convention scene is going away. If anything, it's stronger than ever now that people have started making plans to attend others around the country in it's stead. Your more local convention should see a boost!

    Below the break, get a list of all the conventions around the world. This post will be available on the side bar under the "Conventions" button for quick access.

    If you are running a convention and want more than just text and a link, hit up this page for details on submitting your.. details!

    Now go get this year's conventions below.

    Feb 28 - March 1
    The Netherlands

    Schaumburg, Illinois
    March 27 - March 29

    April 10 - April 12
    San Francisco, California

    May 9th - May 10th
    Manchester, UK

    May 29 - May 31
    Ocean City, Maryland

    June 27 - June 28
    Tampa, Florida

    July 17 - July 19
    Columbus, Ohio

    Aug 1 - Aug 2
    Stuttgarter, Ludwigsburg

    Aug 7 - Aug 9
    Bellevue, Washington

    Sept 11 - Sept 13
    Vienna, Austria

    Oct 2 - Oct 4
    Adelaide, Australia

    Oct 10 - Oct 11
    Nottingham, United Kingdom

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Oct 30 - Nov 1