• Time for Love - Hearts and Hooves Day Begins

    Happy Hearts and Hooves Day everyone! Whether you're single and enjoying a day with your friends or in a relationship and having a special night out it's time to celebrate a little bit of love today. Since the number of couples in the show has expanded a bit from Shining And Cadance when we first made this day it made sense to expand it to all ships (canon and non-canon).

    So for today, expect some lovey stuff between our usual posts. If you're still waiting to send in your material for today you still have till 12pm PST to do so by sending an email to submit@equestriadaily.com with Hearts and Hooves in the subject line followed by the type of material you are sending in.

    Example: Hearts and Hooves - Comics

    We hope you guys enjoy and look forward to seeing you around!

    Twitter: Calpain