• Hearts and Hooves - Open Art Compilation!

    I wonder what spell/potion they are reading about?

    We've got a ton of open art for Hearts and Hooves day! go get it all below!

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    Valentine Discord and Fluttershy by facja

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    Valentine Big McIntosh and Sugar Belle by facja

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    Valentine Princess Cadance and Shining Armor by facja

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    Valentine Maud Pie and Mudbriar by facja

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    Valentine Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich by facja

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    Amigurumi Discord and Fluttershy by facja

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    An innocent picnic. by Paw-of-Darkness

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    by llametsul on Twitter

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    HHD RoseLick by Docard

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    by BellaPinkSavage on Twitter

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    The Importance Of Tradition To An Earth Pony Groom by TexasUberAlles

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    Hearts and Hooves Day 2020 by RupertBlueFox

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    Make It with Fluttershy by DON2602

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    Lyrabon (EqD Canon Ship/Shining Cadence Day) by nightshadowmlp

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    Happy Valentines and Heart Hooves Day 2020 by AndoAnimalia

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    Happy Valentine's Day 2020 by RainbowBacon1

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    Student Six #390 by Sintakhra

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    Young Cadance in the Morning Sunrise by daimando

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    Falsetto (Leave it in the lap of the gods) by GafelPoez

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    Wanda is a sneaky little Cupid by daimando

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    Apple Parents by Metallic-Roselle

    [22] Source

    by Caneighdian on Twitter

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    Happy Hearts And Hooves Day by mr100dragon100

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    HEARTS AND HOOVES - OPEN ART by derpyhoovesadventure

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    Colt Shining Armor by Malte279

    [26] Source - Rarity Kissis - By. Star

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    [28] Source - Soobel

    [29] Source - Electrifiedsteed

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