• More Pony Music! Unchained Unknown!

    The new roundup of other pony music that came out in the meantime is here! Tributes, remixes, covers... and creative originals! Head down for the treasure trove, and don't forget that last treasure chest at the end of the dungeon! I swear it's not a Mimic!

    1. Vylet Pony - Queen of Misfits (feat. Cabi & Cadie) (RottenTotten Remix)
    Vocal - Electronic
    Another remix of Vylet Pony's masterpiece, crafted with love by RottenTotten!

    2. Kryptage - Ballad Of The Brony VIP
    Vocal - Drum & Bass
    Kryptage came back to express their feelings toward the community and the show, by way of an uplifting VIP of their track Ballad Of The Brony! It certainly expresses much love and fondness!

    3. Ethan Toavs - Starcatcher
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Ethan's reimagining of his past original track Starcatcher's Symphony inspired by the G3 pony! It's also paying tribute to melodies from G3 music!

    4. FilledSilhoutte - Allure
    Vocal - French House
    As alluring as the Dazzlings, this new funky beauty from FilledSilhoutte is part of his upcoming EP "DAZZLED '92" and I'm so looking forward to it!

    5. Flutter Rex - Pink Lick (Checkerëd Remix)
    Instrumental - Future Psy
    A galloping bassline for a tasty and sugary remix of Flutter Rex's original!

    6. FoxyVox - Good as Hell (Vocal Cover)
    Vocal - Pop
    Quite an impressive vocal cover of Good as Hell from the Pony Life advert, singing as the Mane Six!

    7. Knick Knack & Banquo - Battle for Sugar Belle (Vocal Cover)
    Vocal - Pop
    The two ponies did awesome re-enacting that part of the episode, and even an extra scene in the outro!

    8. ֆաǟɢɢ ɮʀօռɨɨ - Unchained
    Vocal - Trap
    Very cool with a creative progression and epic vocals!

    9. The L-Train - Rainbow Factory (Covering Glaze) (Live) (Remaster)
    Vocal - Symphonic Metal
    Those who attended BronyCon 2019 might remember this! Now available remastered courtesy of Drummershy!

    10. MirroredReality - Kirin
    Instrumental - Psytrance
    Some quality Psytrance from MirroredReality, inspired by kirins!

    11. Liam King - Lock & Booker Smith
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    OST music part of Liam King's album UNCANON​:​Wasteland!

    12. LaunchSix - Unknown (feat. Chasing Dawn)
    Vocal - Dubstep
    A collab from LaunchSix/Xericide part of Gravity EP, about undiscovered lands! It's also taking the chance to sing about doing your own thing no matter what people say, which is definitely a good thing as long as you don't harm anyone!

    13. Nicolas Dominique - Perfect Harmony (Reharmonized)
    Instrumental - Chillout
    An updated version of Nicolas' track that has such a rich soundscape and emotional melodies! Originally inspired by the episode Magic Duel!

    14. Yellow Tune - You And Me
    Vocal - Hardstyle
    New Hardstyle banger from Yellow Tune/174UDSI, and the choice of cover art makes you wonder if this wouldn't be about Cadance and Shining!

    15. NeverLastStanding - Your Friend (Whirly Tail Remix)
    Instrumental - Drumstep
    Whirly's remix from Equinity 01 Stellar is renewing the pony love with a new spin on NeverLastStanding's signature pony vocal chops!

    16. Radiarc - Button Forest
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    New gorgeous piece from maestro Radiarc, with a deep concept in the description and a fitting pony artwork used in the video!

    17. General Mumble - Oats (Covering Francis Vace)
    Vocal - Piano
    Sending some love back to Francis, General Mumble covered the very memorable Oats, giving it such an interesting new musical direction, and starring such amazing vocals! Warning, lots of swearing!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!