• Drawfriend Stuff (Pony Art Gallery) #3254

    Makes me want to play some Bloodborn. Why didn't it ever get a PC release? That was pretty much my old Dark Souls style cycle back in the day. DS comes out on console first, then eventually on PC where I always end up buying it again for that silky smooth frame rate and mods. I think Bloodborn ran at 24 frames sometimes? It was pain.That shouldn't be allowed in the 2010's onward!

    Uhh, anyway, art below!

    [1] Source

    Halloween by Meruprince

    [2] Source

    Purple dork by aem97

    [3] Source

    Smile by LostDreamm

    [4] Source

    Princess Cadance of the Crystal Empire by MaximusTimaeus

    [5] Source

    Freedom by Vird-Gi

    [6] Source

    0320 by xZjeep

    [7] Source

    Secret Tea Time (Inuhoshi-to-DarkPen) by MLP-Trinary

    [8] Source

    Sisters Time by EmeraldGalaxy

    [9] Source

    Luna with her power by Haden-2375

    [10] Source

    Pinkie Pie by BossMeow

    [11] Source

    Marussia Russian Pony hug. Let me warm you up! by xbi

    [12] Source

    by Ikantdraw on Twitter

    [13] Source

    Rainbow Dash by NiceShadow

    [14] Source

    Queen by Ochideyiku

    [15] Source

    Things They Like by Ochideyiku

    [16] Source

    by fillyfooler

    [17] Source

    Trixie Vector 08 - Cheerleader by CyanLightning

    [18] Source

    by CRASHER 47 on Twitter

    [19] Source

    by γγšγ‚† on Twitter

    [20] Source

    by ArtiksπŸ’œ on Twitter

    [21] Source

    by sharedast on Twitter

    [22] Source

    by γƒ”γ‚«γ˜γ‚“ on Twitter

    [23] Source

    Tropical Smoothie by Centchi

    [24] Source

    Commission\316 by AiriniBlock

    [25] Source

    A day at work by KirillK

    [26] Source

    Commission by DukevonKessel

    [27] Source

    EaW portrait by DukevonKessel

    [28] Source

    [AT] Magic hors by Hagallaz

    [29] Source

    COMM : LucySnowdrop by TenebrisTayga

    [30] Source

    {Chicken Scratch} Don't mind the flashy armor by Amura-Of-Jupiter

    [31] Source

    Constellation by Silent-Shadow-Wolf

    [32] Source

    Comm: Feather Fun by pridark

    [33] Source

    YCH - Girls' Date by ChaosAngelDesu

    [34] Source

    by BD on Twitter

    [35] Source

    by asimos

    [36] Source

    by Parlay on Twitter