• The Smiths Ponification Album: Maressey - The Twiluna Album [Alt. Rock]

    It is out!! A labor of love for sure, the fourth album from ponification project Maressey has been released! The sheer quality of the music and vocals will blow you away, as the wonderful pony lyrics will make you melt! Led by the awesome Freewave (I highly recommend checking out all of the pony music he has made on his channel by the way, lots of very cool stuff), a collaboration of more than 20 passionate contributors over the years resulted in 4 amazing albums that you can all get from the same Bandcamp. They are paying tribute to both The Smiths and MLP, as each of the albums has a pony theme and story to it! You will be able to tell by their names, the top-notch choice of artworks to feature on their cover arts (I'm such a fan of them), and of course the songs on the albums and their lyrics. It's also explained in this very informative video about the project that I recommend checking out. There have also been a lot of ideas of ponifications and pony themes to songs from The Smiths that didn't end up getting used, and you can learn about them all in this video, it's truly so lovely to hear about all those pony thoughts, along pony artworks that were already chosen for the ponifications!! Anyway, go give this new album a listen, you won't be disappointed. I got the honor of being able to listen to an early preview of it, and I was so blown away and totally fangasmed for a while! Full credits in the description on Bandcamp! And go hug Freewave for all that he has done for the pony music scene!!

    Download the album from here!