• Equestria Girls: Displays Of Affection Follow Up

    So since a lot of people loved Rarity the lawyer from the Happily Ever After Party, I decided on doing a Rarity short because why not. If I can get a little bit into character study here, I won’t deny the Humane 7 have their own one note characteristics. Twilight’s the smart one, Fluttershy the shy one, Rainbow Dash the sporty one, etc. You’re not always gonna find a country styled character like Applejack, but it’s still a characteristic. The only one without a set trait would probably be Sunset. It’s like for her character they give her one hit quirks than a characteristic. She can be a gamer, an artist, a musician, and the cool character all in one. So this also plays into the one of several quirks they’ve given her since the villain quirk didn’t work for her. So let’s get into this short and see what can happen with Rarity and Sunset today.

    I can see Prim Hemline still has her harsh way with words, but with Rarity, it’s practically a compliment for her. But then again, I’m sure she knows how harsh the fashion world can be. And like every other adult in the world, Prim has to have legs for days, which is not a bad fashion thing anyway I guess it’s a good explanation.
    And once again, I’m sure everyone has though the same thing. But with how Rarity can design and make her and her friends wonderful outfits, I wonder why she’s still in school and not selling these online or something. I don’t condone dropping out of school whatsoever (no matter how useless most of it can be), but she could be making bank with her designs instead of just giving them to her friends to wear during haunted school camping trip fashion shows. Guess I can say the same argument for Applejack too though. What else would she want to do but work on her family’s farm?

    My goodness does she have a chin that can cut diamonds or what? Our plot for this short is having a fashion consultant will be visiting the shop in a few days and Rarity is given the task of designing a display for the clothes. Sounds like something a person’s whose probably never used a hammer for could possible do. But Rarity has a great sense of art and design. I’m sure things will turn out just fine.

    Ok maybe not as fine as I thought. So another personal thing about me. With Rarity being my favorite, one of the reasons is because I love her freak outs. Any character can be happy, but it’s more entertaining when you see their breakdowns and Rarity has top billing for dramatic breakdowns. Twilight Sparkle’s “Lesson Zero” moment will live on in infamy, but Rarity cracks under pressure a little more frequently and it’s mostly thanks to the facial expression and Tabitha St. Germain’s voice acting that gives us moments like these.

    So while whining to Sunset about her artist’s block, they see a new street art piece by someone named Flaksy, which I’m sure is a play on the flank of a horse. I wonder who could relate to something like that. This is amazing art with the colors and line work and the ripples on the bottom from the dripped paint was a nice touch. I can see this being someone’s spontaneous tattoo idea.

    Rarity: “I wonder what it’s like to not want credit and praise for ones genius creations.”
    Sunset: “Yeah uh…me too…”
    Oh Sunset, never play a hand of poker a day in your life. You’re as open as a book in this shot. You fool no one with your lack of poker face. But you’re still my favorite no matter what. (even if you might’ve killed your real human counterpart and replaced them).

    So from the looks of Rarity’s window display, someone had too much fast food, mixed too many types of alcohol and projectile vomited in both display rooms. Yeah I know it’s harsh, but I can say I wouldn’t fire someone over it like Prim Hemline would’ve done if she saw this.

    Rarity my dear, no matter how confidently you would’ve said any of this explaining this display, I don’t know if I would’ve been buying what you were selling. The dress is great though. Really cute and colorful with the asymmetrical cut around the thighs. I would also like to know where she got this paint from that has so many earth tones of the worst kind. The baby diaper dark green, the fifty shades of brown, and highlighter green for the sun is not working here.
    (Editor’s note: don’t get used to me sounding like I know that much about fashion. I’ve only watched a few season of America’s Next Top Model and still don’t get it.)

     It’s like night and day with how much of a change happened here. And the outfits look like something I would see on a runway. But only because I don’t know who else would wear these large head pieces or an updated version of Bj√∂rk’s swan dress. Maybe Rainbow Dash could pull that off. She grows wings enough as it is anyway.

    My goodness can I get one smile out of this scowling face already? This is the worst “not impressed” face I think I’ve ever seen from this show. But at least the design is turning heads with the crowd. But I wonder who could’ve done this (mostly because it looked like Rarity was the only one at the store that night and maybe forgot to lock the doors when she ran off). But we don’t have to tell anybody information like that.

    Oh you! Of course Sunset is a street artist. Like I said in the beginning, with her character, it’s easy to give her these interesting traits and hobbies when she didn’t start out with much to go on. I have no problems with something like this since it gives her more personality. Her moment of anger and outbursts that happen sometimes makes her less of a Mary Sue since she isn’t completely without flaws so I get to still like her as a multi-dimensional character and my favorite in the EqG universe.
    So that was Displays of Affection, a short and sweet moment where public vandalism is A-OK. I should be concerned with how many laws these girls have broken, but I guess when you have magic that saves your world from being destroyed some things can be overlooked. And I don’t know if I’ve said this before, but I really love the clothes and style of the Human 7 in the mini series than in the first few movies. Maybe because the boots feel less clunky or everything fits better in a modern way, but I love the styles in this show. Anyway, that’s all my time. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna go paint the town red (or purple. It really depends on my mood today).