• Game: Price of Fear 3 is Now Available

    Another game from the AnterFOLD team has been released, this time continuing a series they've been working on awhile. If you're a fan of their games or the series then you certainly have something to play tonight!

    Get all the information after the break!

    When Price of Fear firstly appeared, it was something unknown, something that covered with mystic stuff. Time is going on, and the Price of Fear continues surprised by its chaotic tempo. Starting from Price of Fear 2, the popularity of franchise fastly has started to grown, the fanbase of hardcore players, and titles which the franchise holds until today. But that with other players?

    Price of Fear 3 brings support for average players, which would be a part of it too but can't because of difficulty. That's why we have created Average Mode. That will give the players the possibility to enjoy the game too. The third part is finishing up the storyline around Alreyne Tech and closes one of the many pages in Price of Fear history. It's not the end, this is only beginning.

    Our discord and site communities are growing up, and all of that is your merit. We are always active there!
    Keep up expanding our pony family!

    As always thank you for your supporting see ya!

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