• Equestria Girls: Super Squad Goals Follow Up

    In times like these where a non-canon superhero movie is raking in nominations left and right for the Academy Awards, it makes me wish for more action packed moments like these with the Humane 7. Even with a cliché comic book styled story with a random villain of the week. If we could’ve made them more like The Avengers, I would’ve been on board from the beginning, but I’ll settle for something this cheesy where they still try to make Sunset’s superpower useful instead of a convenience for bigger plot reasons. Anyway, if there’s a moral to this short, it’s probably that crime never pays and that Sunset should work more for a detective agency than actually fighting crime. But let’s get to the action and see if someone can get past those meddling kids.

    So we open up with a comic book of our heroes along with some narration from Sunset (which will be a good detail to remember at the end of this short) and somehow Spike’s crystal cupcake from his birthday episode is also in the book. Don’t know why that was there unless it’s a useless ad that’s usually in a lot of comics. But of course, the story starts out with a generic “we’re here together in the city” before something jumps off.

    Yeah I’m sure we would all have that kind of face when talking about tasty desserts. In this case, it’s a puff cake, half cream puff and half cupcake and no idea how to create that. Maybe a cream filled cupcake? Pinkie worries me with her sweets obsession. Don’t know how common diabetes is in her family, but her pony family can chew and eat rocks so I guess she’s got good digestion? I’m no doctor, but that face is the face of lovesick…or sugar high.

    Oh Great Cadence’s crystal!!! Looks like there’s trouble afoot with a sound action bubble and a jewelry thief who decided to steal in broad daylight. He was also not far from where the girls were standing if you looked at the comic images. I should also be concerned with the face that he just punched a store window like it was paper and took jewels out without a drop of blood. I know this is supposed to be a comic, but there’s still some room for reason.

    Rarity: “The cupcakes will have to wait…FOR JUSTICE!!!” 
    I don’t want to love a line like this, but I’m too big into comics and superhero movies to not enjoy something like this. And now we see the girls can just transform in less time than Sailor Moon to stop a jewel thief. Also Rarity can surf on her diamond shield and that’s super cool.
    *fangirl squee intensifies*

    So while chasing the bad guy in a public building whose doors shouldn’t be locked or even hard to open, Applejack, with her super strength, can’t even budge it. How are her powers supposed to work again?

    Here you go. One of the best desktop wallpapers you will ever get. The comic book style with this short is just amazing. I get the biggest Spider-Verse vibes from this short with the actions, shadows and art style feeling like it’s leaping from the pages. But even still, a swing and a miss Rainbow Crash.

    Ok I know I’m going over my image limit, but every shot is so good. We’re even going for old school cartoons with the swirly dizzy eyes and seeing stars. Maybe they’re even have something Japanese manga based like random flower petals coming from nowhere.

    Yes, Applejack’s powers do work. Yes, she is going to throw a granny at the thief. Yes, she could’ve just used that big rock in the background to throw. Yes, Sunset and Twilight should talk to her more about what is right to do and what is wrong to do. And no, this didn’t even work to stop the thief.

    Note: No grannies were harmed in the making of this comic

    So yeah, Sunset did save this kid from going into a tiny pond, but she still needed Twilight to save her. I’m still gonna talk about how they gave my favorite waifu the most passive powers ever. Fluttershy’s power is just as passive and only works in certain situations too, but for someone with her passive and shy personality, I wasn’t gonna expect her to shoot lasers from her eyes.

    In terms of actual deadly powers (other than the moment Applejack almost killed someone’s grandmother), Pinkie has explosives in her hands. But then again, this is a character that breaks the fourth wall like day old bread. She didn’t need to use her sprinkles to shoot holes in a bush to see through, but she doesn’t it because it’s Pinkie. Don’t question it.

    Rarity probably has my favorite power out of the Humane 7. She’s pretty much Green Lantern, but not live action Green Lantern that we never talk about. Her power isn’t as common as super strength, speed, telekinesis, or communication with animals. Rarity and Pinkie have something truly unique to their characters because the last thing I need is to see any super hero shoot sprinkle explosives at bad guys. But it looks like the thief is caught. Good work girls!

    I’m sorry. I know this was Fluttershy’s power at work here, but this is the city. These pigeons would’ve stolen the jewels on their own if given the chance. But with this short, everybody gets a moment of usefulness…however brief it may be.

    Like I said, she would make a great detective. No need to hold witnesses or talk to anybody. Just touch their hand and you’ve got the story, the motive and the emotions behind the criminal. So his motivation was trying to impress a girl with jewelry. And somehow he figured he would rob a jewelry store in broad daylight with plenty of witnesses around in the loudest way possible. At no point did he think to just quietly pocket the jewelry and leave out without giving notice? I’m not saying he should’ve been a thief, but he should’ve at least been a better thief.
    (Editor’s note: I don’t know if this was on purpose or not, but this guy is purple and wanted to steal jewels while running away from super powered heroes. Any of this sound familiar to you?)

    Well…because he was caught stealing from a jewelry store, he’s not in jail (or at least holding, I hope). This guy is still a minor so at most he’ll be expelled, have this on his record, and the girl probably won’t be impressed unless she has a thing for bad boys.

    I need cats to look at me the way Pinkie is looking at this cream puff cupcake. I literally had nothing else. This was just a great and slightly creepy screenshot. Think I might want pastries now.

    Ha! I knew I would get some form of anime moment out of this! Heart eyes is a shoujo anime’s biggest animation gimmick. I also like this shot because it’s just more shipping fuel that’s slightly out of context. But it can’t be helped. There was too much shipping fuel in the Rollercoaster of Friendship special.

    (Editor's Note: Shoujo anime is a genre aimed at younger women that focuses on life, drama, and mostly romance.)
    Well if she only has uses that are plot based, I suppose it makes sense that she would create the plot herself. And like I’ve said with the Displays of Affection short, they give Sunset these quirks that try to round out more personality. So we can add on comic book artist to the list. Also hope she doesn’t read this follow up. I talked a lot of mess about her comic and I have no problems with creativity. But your villain broke the law to get a girl to notice him. What kind of flimsy premise is that? And where did she get the idea of a part cream puff and park cupcake dessert? Who gave you Pinkie Pie’s wall breaking powers Sunset?
    And that was Super Squad Goals, which I’m sure will be the next DCU film title. If you’re a fan off comics and superhero movies, this is the short for you. All the paused comic bubble scenes could be posters and the cheesy plot of the story makes for a great nostalgia with the Adam West’s Batman TV show. Nothing was really too out of the ordinary with this, but whether this will be counted as canon or not is beyond me. This whole think technically could be fiction or it could be something that happened that Sunset wanted to do a comic about. Either way, the main selling point is comic based action and some funny moments. And I guess you can use your superpowers this way since evil magic doesn’t pop up as frequently. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go buy a dozen sweets and figure out how to combine them into one thing.