• Equestria Daily is 9 Years Old!

    I really can't believe how fast these years tend to go by. It feels like I just made a yearly celebration yesterday. I honestly completely forgot the anniversary was even here until someone spammed me on Discord about it.

    Here we are again with a whopping 9 years of pony under our belts. It still amazes me every single day that this crazy website has kept alive for so long. I wasn't joking the other day in that episode rewatch. When season 1 ended all those years ago I thought we might be done. I even constantly bothered old Cereal Velocity with cries of doom. We were all so desperately craving more pony back then that seeing the first season end felt like it really was over.

    Here we are though, 9 years later. What a wild ride it has been. Where do we go from here? I suppose I'll dive into that below!

    First off, this site wouldn't exist at all without any of you. From the amazing artists that spam the Drawfriend posts every single day with incredible art, to the lurker who simply visits and makes said artists feel good seeing their views go up, everyone in this fandom has some form of value. We have one othe most creative and friendly fandoms in existence even if a few pockets of it can be a little weird sometimes.

    Of course, I have to thank the Patreon subscribers too. Ads tend to be pretty ridiculously unstable even in the non-youtube world, so having that foundation to build on helps tremendously.

    As for EQD itself, it's no secret that the show is over and people are worried about how that will effect things going forward. I've already wrote extensively about the topic way back when it actually ended.  For now, some days are slow while other days are chaotic with a million things happening. We don't have a show as a backbone, but we do still post crazy amounts of pony every single day thanks to how ravenous you are with creating and consuming it.

    We currently have no idea what the status of Pony Life is, or even if it will be good when it does release. Fingers crossed there~ We do have the season 10 comics coming in the future, which should give us some fun new canon to play with once a month.

    The Illustious Q will be invading Toy Fair in February for any pony news at all, and meeting with whoever he can to mine them for what we can expect in the future. With the removal of the Pony Life trailer and it's absence at the Brand Preview event, there is a good chance they are going for a rework. I'll probably be creating a separate editorial on that later though.

    Our new editorial writers seem to be fitting in really well. Hopefully you are enjoying the Equestria Girls followups from Penny Wrights, and more traditional topics from Aevveon, Flaregun45, and Digikate! Expect more topics from them soon, including Kirin~

    We are also always looking for suggestions on what kind of events and things you'd like us to add, or content you'd like us to cover. The submit box is always open for your crazy ideas, and many of them do eventually make their way on the blog, at the very least to see how much people like them.

    We will have a lot more theme days this year once we finalize the list. Kirin, Villains, Tempest Shadow, Cheerilee, and a host of others should get plenty of love throughout the year. And due to popular demand, the Soapbox might stick around for a while if it gets enough submissions. A lot of people were sad to see it go.

    Expect lots of pony regardless of what we do! EQD is an ever-changing beast that will always mold itself to fit whatever fun thing is going on in the fandom or involving ponies. Hopefully we can entertain you all long into the future!