• "Tanks for the Memories" Music: Spikey Wikey - Shining Free VIP (Single Purpose Remix) [Drum & Bass]

    A first pre-release from the upcoming Equinity compilation album Catalyst on Cider Party following VibePoniez' pre-release, this one is my favorite from the album, judging on the emotion that I felt. In addition to re-sublimating the melodic Dash vocal chops from Spikey Wikey's original VIP, this incredible remix by Single Purpose is adding a lot of new creative ideas to empower the emotion, and make Dash's feelings and character depth shine anew in this top-notch DnB arrangement of many wonders. Deep and powerful, this remix is a pure masterpiece of music and emotion, and it's part of Equinity 02 Catalyst that is full of surprises!