• Luna Day on Dec 21st!

    Trying to get these out a little more in advance so folks can participate! With work and such on my end I have lost track of appreciation days so hopefully in the new year I might be able to fix that.

    With that said! We have a little under a week to celebrate our last appreciation day of the year: Luna Day! With the longest night of the year upon us it's time to give our princess of the night some love.

    This year it will be on December 21st so make sure to get your Luna stuff in by that date, whether it is plushies, comics, favorite animations, drawing, ect by sending them all in to submit@equestriadaily.com with Luna Day in the subject line followed by what you're sending in.

    Example: Luna Day - Comics

    Let's have the decade go out with a bang everyone! We look forward to what you have to send in.

    Twitter: Calpain