• Pony Life Videos Removed from MLP Facebook and Instagram

    The Pony Life trailer that was deleted from the official Youtube channel the other day has now been removed from both the MLP Instagram and Facebook pages as well. At the moment, only the videos have been removed and not the actual figures or art teasers themselves.

    The running theory is that this is in response to the singer of the song they used twerking at an NBA game and causing a bunch of drama. The fact that only the videos were removed while the art remains definitely seems to lean in that direction. Either that or the style they used in the trailer (with Fluttershy's noodle arms) was misleading for the actual style they have in the show ( as we covered over here ) and they wanted to drop it to avoid misleading people.

    Either way, we will most likely still get Pony Life in it's current form.

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up.