• NaPoWriMo 2019 Results!

    We all need a book every now and then. Even best country horse. Source.

    Hello everyone! ABagOVicodin here with the final results of 2019's National Pony Novel Writing Month! After everything is said and done, we had 12 final entrants towards NaPoWriMo. 1 entrant completed the maximum goal of 50,000 words! I'm completely blown away by all of your support for this event, and I can't wait to run this next year! Head on down after the break for the link to a spreadsheet with all of the entrant's information, including their stories and author names!

    Here is the link to the spreadsheet for all of the entrants and the stories they contributed! If you like one of their stories, give them some feedback or a review so that they can polish their stories to perfection! Thank you to everyone for participating and have an awesome day!