• Charity Compilation Album: Ponies At Dawn - Echoes

    It's that time of the year again! A new "best of P@D artists" charity album organized by Ponies at Dawn, that also holds brand new tracks! New originals by StealingShad3z, Too Taken, Thrasher, Replacer... There's also a remaster from NeverLastStanding, and a revamped version of Forest Rain's Chryssy that already got a YouTube release and that will be posted soon! And all that along must-have masterpieces from musicians who were featured on P@D albums, that you may have missed! Some go way back but are definite must-listen, such as Exiark's Second Hoof Medley that is still in my top 10 favorite pony tracks ever. A saucerful of awesomeness, Dash would be proud!

    Donate to charity and/or download the album from Bandcamp here.