• Luna Day Has Come to an End!

    Even the princess of the night needs to get some sleep. Hopefully you all enjoyed celebrating the moon today. I know I did.

    The next pony theme day will be on the 16th of January starring Spike. Feel free to get started on drawing for open art, as anything created from now until then will be eligible. For everything else, expect the usual best-of's.

    Get your Luna misc submissions below!

    Audio Book

    Fanfiction - The Ash of Fallen Stars (Drama)

    Life has been calm of late for Luna, but calm does not mean entirely content. She’s lonely, and although her relationship with Celestia has never been better, there’s only so much time between dawn and dusk and Equestria needs it’s leader. What spare time Luna has is usually spent alone, and her duty is complicated by Twilight requiring extra help to deal with the trauma she suffered from an incident involving time travel and the end of the world, which was thankfully averted.

    One night she spots a stranger in the night sky and finds them to be a newcomer to canterlot. A Unicorn with magically generated glass wings, and strangely lacking a cutie-mark. It’s only after she’s starts to coax him from behind his mask of despair and befriend him that she discovers that something is eating at his mind, possibly literally.

    What does his condition have to do with his two strange silver face-masks? What connection does he have to Twilight Sparkle’s trauma? Why can’t she find his dreams as he sleeps? Why does it feel like so much more than the fate of a single pony lies in his fractured history?

    There are shadows and storms ahead, and the destiny of more than one world may hang in balance.