• 40+ of the Best Fanfics From the Last Year for Luna Day!

    Luna Day commences, and we have a bunch of fanfics scouted out by Whisper Key again. Expect moon in all forms of storyline. She was pretty prolific.

    For more fics, hit up last year's Luna day compilation.

    Now go read below!

    Slice of Life

    Artistic License by Chris
    When Princesses Celestia and Luna visit a public art gallery, they come upon a painting of Celestia, banished to the moon. They react to this in the only reasonable way: artistic criticism and analysis.

    An Oral History of the Two Sisters by Pony with a Pen
    One thousand years is a long time to keep a memory alive, especially one so filled with pain and regret, but some things are worth remembering. After all, somepony has to tell her story.
    Set before the events of Season 1.

    Petunia and the Coelacanth by CoffeeMinion
    Sometimes young Petunia Paleo's dreams seem impossible.
    Good thing dreams are Princess Luna's specialty.

    Aunthood Issues by Rambling Writer
    The new and improved Tantabus has behaved itself thus far, but Luna has delayed telling Celestia about it. Until one night when it jumps into Celestia's dreams to say hi and inadvertently reveals itself. Luna must now introduce Celestia to her little bundle of self-aware psychic dream energy sooner than she imagined.

    The Moon, The Flower, And The Door by Bucking Nonsense
    "...The test ends when you open that door."
    Princess Luna has begun searching for her own personal student, and her test has hit a small snag: Not a single unicorn, out of the dozens of applicants, has passed. In fact, every last candidate has failed the test in seconds.
    But just what is the purpose of this test? And how can somepony pass it?
    A young earth pony named Morning Glory is going to find out.

    When They Were Young: The Box Queen and the Dracony by Mr101
    The attack was sudden for the subjects of the great Box Queen. A powerful Dracony suddenly appeared in the sky, claiming she would lay waste to the small Kingdom and take all its cookies gold for herself.
    Only the brave and fearless Queen Luna and her warriors, armed with their deadly accurate pillow catapult, stands between the destruction or freedom for the Box Kingdom.
    The second story from Luna and Celestia's childhood in the 'When they were Young: Luna and Celestia trilogy'.

    Trouble Sleeping by Lurks-no-More
    It's Luna's first morning in Canterlot, and she's having trouble getting sleep. Maybe her sister has something to help...?

    Luna's Protégé by MrAlterad
    Being the Princess of Equestria is busy work. Luna would know. She raises the sun and moon everyday, looks over the dreams of her beloved subjects, and, well, runs Equestria. Now, in addition to all that, she must find herself a protégé, before her sister's banishment ends!
    But, that isn't the problem. The problem, is that three particular fillies stand out for the role!
    Who will she choose? Can these three fillies become friends? Who will become Equestria's future savior!?

    New Beginnings by Hiver
    A magical accident has a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.

    The Birth of a Goddess by Karrakaz
    Do you remember being born? Torn away from everything that is familiar and cast out into the unknown?
    I do.
    It haunts my dreams.

    Racing Starlight by Rust
    Luna decides to stretch her wings for the first time in a thousand years.
    A short, simple descriptive piece written with the best of intentions and a nearly lethal blood-alcohol-content.

    Moonlight and Hot Air by Pascoite
    Vice-Principal Luna seems to get all the leftover jobs nobody else around the school will do. If not for getting cooped up in the building, at least she could enjoy some moonlight. But once again, she finds that her students will never cease to surprise her.


    A Night of Dashing Dreams by Nyronus
    Luna invites Rainbow Dash on her dreamwalking duties.
    Dream-ruining, spider-safety lessons, abduction, and imprisonment ensue.
    Maybe the dream realm can't handle this much awesome.

    Gryphon Greed is Good by Snuffy
    With one monetary crisis averted, another inevitably rises to take its place. This time, disaster threatens to strike as a trade dispute breaks out on the high seas between the Gryphon Navy and Equestria's largest trade company. Will the conflict escalate into a war? Will it affect the nation's import of coffee beans?
    The Princess of the Night will at least make certain she solves the latter.

    Princess Celestia Gets Mugged by BronyWriter
    Princess Celestia, tired of the constant pressure that ruling a nation puts on her, decides to take a day off and let Luna take her responsibilities for a day, something the younger alicorn is more than happy to do. She disguises herself as a pink maned pegasus pony named Sunny Skies and decides to go walking around Canterlot without any supervision. Unfortunately for her, not all parts of Canterlot are as safe as the palace, and she finds herself at the wrong end of a gang of muggers, who decide to kidnap her for a ransom when they see how much money she has on her.
    Luna freaks out.
    Celestia thinks it's hilarious.

    How Many Princesses Does It Take by Georg
    The sun has gone out over Equestria, sending Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends off to Canterlot to deal with whatever new villain has caused the disaster.
    ...thankfully, it turns out to be a far smaller problem than anticipated.

    The Princess of Books by anowack
    Celestia had a problem. Somepony wrote a novel about Nightmare Moon's rebellion. This made Luna quite unhappy, and unfortunately for her sister, Luna has not yet gotten the hang of modern traditions like freedom of speech, the abolition of the death penalty, and not bothering Princess Celestia when she's trying to sleep.
    Fortunately, Celestia also had a faithful student, one who is now a Princess with an ill-defined portfolio and perfectly capable of dispensing justice by the laws of both today and one thousand years ago.
    Now Twilight Sparkle has a problem.

    A Joke Too Far by Carapace
    Cadance didn't know what to expect when her formerly banished Aunt Luna returned from her thousand year banishment. But, she's quite entertained by the hilarity. Especially if it means a chance to play a little joke.

    On The Natural Rise And Fall of Celestial Bodies by Georg
    Princess Cadence and Princess Twilight Sparkle are called to Canterlot to take over two very important responsibilities: The Sun and the Moon
    Oh, and just one additional thing.

    Sometimes a Popsicle Is Just a Popsicle by Lurks-no-More
    Princess Celestia will at last get a taste of Twilight Sparkle. No, not in that way! The whole Elemental Harmony Squad is involved... no, still not in that way!
    Popsicles will be prominently involved... and again, not in a naughty way. The only naughty pony here is Luna.

    An Unepic Pony War In The Non-Distant Future by anowack
    Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria...
    One week ago, Twilight Sparkle was crowned the fourth Princess of Equestria. Tonight, Ponyville hosts the 1003rd Summer Sun Celebration, and Princess Celestia and Princess Luna want a vacation. With two fine young princesses like Cadance and Twilight to take over for them, nothing could possibly go wrong.

    Journeyman Speech Level Achieved! by GeneralLiberator
    The name that makes ponies everywhere tremble.
    The name that is the definition of cruelty.
    The name that strikes fear into the hearts of all that hear it.
    And that's really all that anypony can say. Ponies everywhere wonder what really goes on inside the head of the legendary crystal tyrant. What dreams and thoughts of malice could possibly sustain such cruelty?
    What actually goes on inside Sombra's head might surprise everypony...

    Gobbling and Other Traditional Pursuits by LadyMoondancer
    For years Nightmare Moon was considered "nothing but an old pony tale," but what did those tales actually say about her? See Luna, Celestia, and Discord as viewed through pony myths and legends.

    The Sunbutt Also Rises by Noir de Plume
    Noticing her Princess' plight, the kitchen mare helpfully offers some of Luna's "special brew" to jumpstart Celestia's day. Chaos ensues when an overly percolated princess can't handle her caffeine!
    (Rated "Teen" for the single use of one naughty word.)

    Do You Want Nightmare Moons? by Rinnaul
    Royal Guard Silver Birch knows Princess Luna's history, and her... extreme reactions to being neglected in the past. When it seems Luna has been snubbed yet again, he and his partner Winter Garden take action to shield their Princess from this slight, and spare Equestria her terrible wrath.

    Naked Lunch by Estee
    Crossing Guard works in Equestria's Immigration Department: among other things, he serves as the final check on whether a non-pony can take up residence in Canterlot. It's not a simple job, especially given the follow-ups when a new resident or citizen-in-waiting inevitably gets into trouble. But Gerald Gristle is an exceptionally calm applicant, Crossing's tired from a long day, and so he allows the griffon to begin the five-year process, with the announced food supply business set to open two weeks in.
    Which is when Crossing finds out just what kind of food the griffon is supplying.
    After all, carnivores and omnivores have to eat too...

    The Night Princess and the Day Job by Crossed Quills
    Luna's having trouble. She doesn't know where she fits in, and she can't run night-court until she can at least understand the modern problems of modern ponies. In an effort to find a place in this brave new world, the Princess of the Night decides there's only one solution.
    Get a job.
    After all, how hard could it be to get a job working retail, with Hearth's Warming Eve coming up?

    Princess Luna is dead. Again. by Equimorto
    Princess Celestia was sure that the day was going to be great. The Sun shone bright in the sky, the birds were singing, and nothing could possibly go wrong. That was, until she received some rather grim news concerning her sister.
    She thought she'd been clear enough about things last time.

    The Drop of Ambrosia by FanOfMostEverything
    Twilight Sparkle. Magical prodigy. Personal student of Princess Celestia. Bearer of the Element of Magic. Princess of Friendship. Hers is easily one of the greatest destinies in Equestria.
    Yes. Definitely. All predetermined. It certainly had nothing to do with any incidents she had early in her personal lessons from Celestia, nor any potent magic the Princess of the Sun kept hidden in plain sight. That would be ridiculous.

    Luna's Gay Olde Day by DEI Caboose
    Luna begins to question her understanding of the modern day language when she finds that nopony wants to be gay with her.
    Olde meaning
    'Light-hearted and carefree.'

    Let Sleeping Gods Lie by Obselescence
    Her Royal Highness, Princess Luna, is trying to catch up on lost sleep. She deserves it, after all the hard work she's put in to keep the city of Canterlot safe. Now she can turn the lights down, slip into bed, and finally get some rest.
    If only Canterlot weren't under attack by the endless swarms of the Changeling army...

    Principal Celestia Is Drunk by Majin Syeekoh
    Vice Principal Luna gets a call from Principal Celestia to come to her office.
    One problem, though... Celestia's drunk.


    The Longest Night by Tundara
    Everypony has one 'Longest Night', a night that just never seems to end, whether they want it to end or not. For Celestia, her Longest Night began on the first night she had to raise her sister's moon.
    Heartbroken and filled with despair that she may never see her sister again, Celestia makes a wish upon a falling star to see her sister one more time. Little did she realise that the stars listen.
    A one-shot story of two sisters, and one Faithful Student.

    Love, in All Its Forms by Obselescence
    The depths of Luna's loneliness drive her to create a creature that never should have been. But the nature of her companion, and the dark methods used to create it, may lead Celestia to commit an unforgivable deed of her own...

    Magical Intelligence by Chinchillax
    Princess Luna created me in order to make sure she never would forget the pain she caused Equestria.
    But this? This is not the way to accomplish my directive.
    If only I could let her know...

    The First Step by Slateblu1
    It has been a few days since the Fall Formal. Sunset is the construction crew's gopher, she still eats lunch alone, and she's feeling worse than ever. At the very least, she can feel proud of not having been a total she-demon since the dance. In fact, other than being lonely, she's been a model student.
    So why in the name of Celestia is she being called to the principal's office?


    The Lesbian: One Hundred Nights by Undome Tinwe
    The human poet Sappho seeks her Muse in Equestria, and finds her in the mysterious Princess of the Night.
    Inspired by Bliss Carman's Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics.

    Timeless by RadBunny
    Time is a neutral party. It takes no sides, only proceeding without a care for those caught in its trap. That is how it should be...
    But not all traps are foolproof.
    When a pony seeking the Night Princess's counsel intervenes during an assassination attempt, Luna knew there was more to this stallion than met the eye.
    However, even her expectations had limits. That, Luna discovered, was a mistake.
    One question troubles her thoughts as a new problem presents itself in the form of this stallion; how does a heart and mind cope when one escapes the trap of time? What happens to a good heart when it is worn away, year after year, all stemming from a single mistake, no matter how good the intentions?


    Being the Lesser Evil by Pascoite
    Years ago, Octavia still loved music. Years ago, Luna thought she might yet do some good from her prison. Years ago, Vinyl Scratch found herself in an interminable dream.
    One night could set them all free.

    Inexcusable by cleverpun
    Princess Nightmare Moon had tried to keep it secret. She had suppressed her power, feigned ignorance, played the outdated fool at every opportunity. She should have known that something like this would happen. A threat that would reveal her, whether she played dumb or not.
    If she had to reveal herself, then at least she could protect Equestria in the process. She nocked the arrow. The bow felt so flimsy, but she could not risk him absorbing a spell. She laced magic across the arrow and the string and the air, enough to make it fly faster and aim smoother. She sighted him easily; Tirek was a large target. Now he only had to turn around. An arrow to the spine would kill him simply and instantly, no matter how much magic he had absorbed.
    Once he was dead, the hard part would come: explaining herself to Celestia.


    Exiles by Coyote de La Mancha
    Before recorded history, there was the Age of Chaos, when Discord ruled the world.
    And in this age, there were two sisters.
    The elder, a unicorn, possessed unprecedented refined senses and magical might. The younger sister was a pegasus, with insight beyond her years and the strange gift of walking through shadow and dream.
    One day, they would be alicorns. Ponies and other intelligent beings would debate over whether they were goddesses.
    But first, before anything else, they were children.
    This is their story.

    The Guardian of the Night by Car Cloth
    The Royal Guard has intensified their training regimen after countless attacks on Canterlot. They’re tougher, better, faster, stronger – and, after months of hard training, they only accept the best of the best. The Night Guard, the elite soldiers trained to protect Princess Luna during the evening, are similar to the Royal Guard, only ten times tougher.
    Undeterred by the challenges that await him, Pipsqueak (now a full grown stallion) signs up to join the most elite soldiers in all of Equestria... The Night Guard.
    He isn’t doing it for the fame or glory. Pip is motivated by one goal and one goal only: to fulfill a promise he made as a foal. He will become the guardian of the night.

    Equestria from Dust by Soundslikeponies
    Celestia awakens to see an empty world, white sandstone stretching the horizon. She wanders the world as she builds it from her imagination, filling it with life, but as time passes, the world that she created begins to seem like little more than a lucid dream, conjured from the dust.

    The Eagle Is Sealed by Cyanblackstone
    When President Nixon orders, you obey. And now that he wants Luna on the LM and heading home, how is Neil ever going to convince her to follow?
    But it doesn't even get that far, as an innocent mistake endangers the mission.
    And even as the mission is endangered, tensions are rising back on Earth. While the drama plays out in Mission Control, just what is going on behind the Iron Curtain?
    No one knows, but it's certainly not conducive to Apollo 11's welfare.