• Gameloft MLP Game Adding "The Last Problem" Event, With Custom Lyra and Bonbon Timeline Fixing Story

    We've got a new update releasing for the My Little Pony Gameloft game that introduces a Cutie Mark Crusader future story, along with the general Last Problem arc.

    Get the summaries below! Seems like they are going off on their own little thing for this one. 

    A fracture in time has sent ponies from the future to the Equestria of today! And as cool as it is to meet a matured Mane Six, this spells big trouble for Twilight Sparkle’s Coronation Anniversary and the future of all Equestria!

    **WHAT’S NEW**

    The celebration is about to commence for Twilight Sparkle’s Coronation… Anniversary? When two timelines collide, the ponies may come face-to-face with their future selves and create a time paradox. Set time right before the confusion prevents Twilight from becoming the new Princess of Equestria in this Limited-Time Story!

    The Cutie Mark Crusaders have also dropped in from the future, but they don’t know they’ve traveled through time… Now their plans to help Twilight’s celebration could accidentally crash the party, and alter Equestria’s future. Help keep them out of trouble in this Limited-Time Story!

    Thanks to ExplosionMare for the heads up.