• Compilation Album: Equinity 02: Catalyst

    Another massive compilation album to drop this year, the second installment in Equinity's series is here!! Showing off no less than 40 tracks from many pony musicians and familiar faces, it's quite incredible and definitely a must-have. Having listened to the full album, I can tell that you're in for one hay of a party, what with masterpieces such as the mega collab Catalyst, the dank Brohoofdab, the cute Am I Interrupting featuring Fluttershy, the pony vocal chops-fueled Goodbye, and the very emotional remix of Shining Free VIP! And many, many more unique gems and emotional tracks are awaiting you in the album! Snowbound, Amber Skies VIP, Fractures to name a few! Check it all out from Bandcamp, and all over YouTube with the many individual releases from the musicians! And don't forget, all funds from the Bandcamp will go toward TeamTrees!

    Get the album from Bandcamp here!