• Random Pony Merch - Bags, and Brushes, and Ornaments!

    That's a cute dash right there. I'd trust her with whatever I need to carrry in a bag.

    We don't get a lot of submissions of random merchandise anymore. Maybe there isn't much out there these days? If you run into any pony stuff we haven't posted yet, be sure to send it our way!

    Now head on below for random merch.

    Rainbow Dash Bag

    Found at: Burlington Coat Factory
    Found by: Allenix

    Fluttershy Ornament

    Found at: Hershey Park Gift Shop
    Found by: Duel Monster

    Pony Lunchboxes

    Found at: Walmart in Quebec
    Found by: Frith

    Pony Brushes

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: TheGibberishCat

    These mini Chibi Ponies Spotted

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Kalecgos

    Rainbow Dash Hallmark Metal Ornament 2.0

    Apparently slightly updated from last time too.

    Found at: Hallmark Website
    Found by: Clayton, Jeffrey

    And joining Dashie, a slightly updated Pinkie Pie

    These guys release every year, and in hallmark style tend to be very slightly different for collector reasons.

    Found at: Menards
    Found by: Luna's Railfanner

    MLP Theme Single in Japanese

    The MLP theme apparently has a CD over in Japan with anime girls on the cover.

    Found at: cdJapan
    Found by: Jeffrey