• New Rarity's Retro Revolution Event Hits the Gameloft MLP Game

     A new event dedicated to sending the ponies off into a retro theme has arrived for the Gameloft game. I'm really diggin that background they have up there for the main image.

    Head on down below for a few screencaps of the quest text, along with patch notes.

    Oh, it looks like a magical vortex swept up a couple of stories that were supposed to reach Equestria last update. But don’t worry—they’re free now, and ready for everypony to enjoy!

    Rarity wants to recreate Colonial Whinniesburg, with all its timeless fashion, in a special festival. Dig up details of the time, invite Equestria’s most influential ponies, and recreate some of the most historically fashionable outfits in this Limited-Time Story!

    Extra! Extra! Trenderhoof is bad-mouthing Sweet Apple Acres in the paper, and Applejack won’t stand for it! Join her to set the record straight in this new Blitz Limited-Time Story.

    Thanks to Explosionmare for the heads up