• More Pony Music! Twilight, Luna, FoE, Flim Flam songs!

    A variety of themes in the songs in this post this time around too! And interesting remixes as well! To see everypony making fan works by the day like this, warms my heart!

    Also, head down the post for an archive of pony stuff that you might be interested in!

    1. Ardeleiz - Solelh-còlc
    Instrumental - Acoustic
    Ardeleiz's Acoustic pieces are always so lovely, and there's such a gentle breeze coming out of this one that you can feel, while bathing in the sun!

    2. 7th Stive - Skylight
    Instrumental - Drum & Bass/Breakbeat
    One of 7th Stive's bests in my opinion, this one features Applejack samples and has such a clean sound, in a delightful DnB format!

    3. Alexey Kotlyar - Twidance
    Instrumental - Orchestral/Soundtrack
    A very cute piece dedicated to Twilight, and working so well as a character theme for her and BGM playing in light-hearted scenes in some pony RPG game!

    4. Pony Abstract - Blood Moon
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    Pony Abstract's treat for Nightmare Night is such a sick rap and story, to savor without moderation!

    5. Cynifree & Reverbrony - Void Walker
    Instrumental - Synth Rock
    From A State of Sugar Waffle, Cynifree's collab with Reverbrony is blending those musical styles together so well, making for an ethereal and mystical experience along tasteful guitars!

    6. Daniel Ingram - The Magic of Friendship Grows (Sam Quak Brony Remix)
    Vocal - Tropical House
    Sam Quak Brony's own remix of the finale's song, brimming with bright vibes with that Tropical House take! And of course it covers the Theme Song at the end too!

    7. Tw3Lv3 & Power Note - What If We've Met on the Pony Town Bridge
    Instrumental - Lo-fi/Synthwave
    A very creative and blissful collab from Tw3Lv3's all-new Release album, and with cute visuals too! Also check out My Love Will Give You Strength, a Cadance-themed track from the same album!

    8. Sim Gretina - Where The Rich Ponies Go (Ricardofr-200 Remix)
    Vocal - House
    A very nostalgic remix of Sim Gretina's classic!

    9. Vivix - The Fantastic Exploits of The Flim Flam Brothers!
    Vocal - Indie Rock
    A new story-centered piece by Vivix! "This time, a slightly seedy factory owner ignores the outrageous claims of Flim and Flam and takes the idea beneath." (Vivix)

    10. Toby Macarony - Wild Pegasus On You
    Instrumental - Rock 'n Roll
    Using that classic Rock 'n Roll rhythm with a sax, was such a creative idea, and it works so well for that concept! This song depicts perfectly the kind of atmosphere in a bar in FoE, when one is holding their drinks but is still "playing with fire"!

    11. The Empty Tomb - Emotions
    Instrumental - Lo-fi/Trap
    A smooth piece from The Empty Tomb who is definitely amping up his game!

    12. 4EverfreeBrony - Little Dreams (Covering Vylet Pony)
    Vocal - Rock
    Another cover from the Copycat album, this one pays tribute to Vylet's original song, with new amazing vocals, and incredible guitar solos sending you to cloud nine!

    13. RareRhyme - Pinkie
    Vocal - Hip Hop
    RareRhyme's tribute to Pinkie, full of lovely lyrics!

    Omake/Bonus: Princewhatever - v_Rainbowdash_v R4 [Parasited] visionEVOX

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    Archive of the whole EQD site (56GB once unzipped): Link

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