• Equestria Girls: The Canterlot Movie Club Follow-Up

    With the celebration of our favorite young girls coming up soon, I had to remember “did they have an Equestria Girls short I can be cynical about?” And alas I have failed in finding that. But I did find this one that’s pretty cute and involves a different CMC since I don’t think kids would worry about what iconic patch to have on their clothing to identify themselves as hitting puberty. Anyway, no real moral in this short other than maybe Pinkie Pie should keep better track of her alligator pet…even if it is a stuffed plushie. I mean, would you WANT to see people screaming about a loose wild animal in a movie theater? Didn’t think so, but it would’ve been great promotion value for that movie Crawl.

    Anyway, let’s get to talking about our human CMC alternates and see what kinds of randomness can happen at a movie theater.

    I won’t deny loving the CMC (or Canterlot Movie Club for non-pony folks) and their designs. Since I wasn’t around to talk about the EqG movies when we first saw their designs, I have to say I find their look really cute here. And I suppose it’s pretty hard to keep the CMC marketing when you have to think of what it can stand for if not for acquiring visible signs of puberty.

    Couldn’t we have had it be the Canterlot Music Club and see more of these designs from Rainbow Rocks? You know? Actually have some great songs from them like we’ve had in the actual show? 

    ♪ ♫ For the ultimate reward of our butt tattoo ♫ ♪

    Ok I guess that idea was tossed out since they weren’t good singers for that ONE EPISODE of the show where these outfits came from. Meh. I like movies, too I guess. Movie club it is!

    So our preteens are binge watching the same Daring Do movie for the 5th time now. I mean, who would go to the movies five times to see the same movie? What is this, a 10 year long cinematic universe final movie with a cameo by the creator of the characters in every movie with beloved characters sacrificing themselves to save the world? That would just be ridiculous. Anybody else cry when they see Burger King lately or is it just me?

    Well looks like they got to the theater too early and now have to wait a while until they can be let in to see the movie. I wonder what they can do until then. I can't imagine anybody coming to cure their boredom of waiting for the movie to start with giving them something to do for the next few minu-

    O hai Pinkie. So tell me, how is your movie life?
    Pinkie Pie is just known to always bring plot wherever she goes.

    Need to ship a nerdy couple? Get Pinkie.

    Need to get a party started with a rival school? Get Pinkie.

    Need exposition explained quickly with no rhyme or reason why they would know this specific information and not question it? You get the idea.

    Obligatory Pinkie shot!!!

    Ok not really, but I just paused at a great moment so I’m using it. Pinkie’s dilemma is Gummy, her plush alligator, missing in action as she was buying candy and more candy. And apparently this movie is Gummy’s favorite. Maybe because his owner and her friends are in it? Or maybe because his own relatives are in it and was about to eat Daring Do at some point? Or maybe he’s the cynical type who only likes the books, but was told he has to see the movies first before he can judge them as wrong or inaccurate to the book. I mean we all know the movie’s not gonna be as good as the books, but that doesn’t mean the movies don’t have some merit.

    Right? Harry Potter fans? Vampire's Assistance fans? Twilight fans?

    So I guess we’re learning about what this version of the CMC can do in this world, but as long as it involves a theater. Maybe they’re also part time shush ninjas making sure nobody is loud during the movie. And maybe they tackle anybody that tries to spoil a movie right after seeing it to people waiting to see it. Those type of people need to be stopped by movie goers like the CMC. They would be given the key to the city for it…again.

    Also, this pose is really cute. I love it.

    It’s Saturday, he’s working when he shouldn’t have even been here, and he had to sell popcorn and soda to his school crush and her smug boyfriend. Even worse is that they only grabbed ONE straw. This guy is just done with today. Or at least that’s what I’m getting from his half asleep posture. But at least he can be brightened up by cuteness trying to help find a lost plush toy.

    Gater spotted! But how in the hay did he get in there? Aren’t there special companies that put the toys in machines like this that don’t work for the theater? And how do we know that’s the REAL Gummy and not just the same toy from the toy company? Can he flick his tail to the rhythm of music? Can he cause an existential crisis in people about the meaning of life? Can he get this raccoon in the corner to stop staring into my soul?

    Oh the crane game. The pressure is always on with these. There’s no telling how strong the claw will grab or where the right place to grab is on a toy. The tension is rising with only one more shot to go. The crowd is silent with panic and determination. Will this battle against this crane claw of chaos end in victory or end in peril?

    Yeah it would kinda suck to have Gummy just stuck in there while Pinkie is sad and alone. Either that or they could’ve gotten her to sprinkle bomb the machine to get her pet out. Along with possibly being banned from the theater for destroying public property and having to pay for the machine and possibly Gummy since they’ll think she stole him from the machine. 

    I don’t know why this got so dark. Let’s talk about the biggest smiles on the CMC’s faces.

    Well it’s good that Pinkie got her pet back. Who knows what would’ve happened if she didn’t. She might venture out to actually find a toothless baby alligator somewhere. But I’m sure it would get along with Maud and Boulder pretty well, right?

    Well now that the plot has left, it’s time for the girls to go see their movie and instead of living the adventure by stopping evil dictators from draining magic in their city, they can watch it from the comfort of a movie theater seat. Something tells me they frequent watching other people play video games and record their playthroughs. But that’s probably just me.
    And that was The Canterlot Movie Club. Cute short with random problem is pretty much what happens in a lot of these shorts, but it’s not a bad formula. I wish we could get more shorts or moments surrounding the CMC, but I guess with the special being about the Humane 6 helping with a movie, there was only so many instances to squeeze in a movie watching club into animations. This is the only real instance we got to see them all interact other than Raise This Roof from the first EqG movies and they didn’t even have any lines to say and was short one Sweetie. If we’re getting to the end of Equestra Girls content, I kind of wished we could’ve had a spin-off of the CMC. With the reveal of the new animation style of Pony Life, I think it would’ve fit well with the CMC in pony form. But I’ll wait to see what else can be in store to these young maturing side characters. Until then, look forward to more Cutie Mark Crusader creativity this week. Send in your submissions and let's give them the love we've had for them since season one. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go get a box set of a certain cinematic universe to cry on. Thanks for reading!