• TrotCon Announces Elley Ray (Mistmane) For 2020

    TrotCon is continuing their guest announcements to get you all motivated to attend next year. The voice of Mistmane will be in attendance if you want to get something signed, or just bother her about pony work.

    Get the details below.

    TrotCon Announces Elley Ray for 2020

    Well, look. We could totally spread out these guest announcements for 2020, yes. But we're just too darn excited, you know?

    It's time for VIP announcement No. 3, following our previous reveals of M.A. Larson and Claire Corlett. While Claire is coming to TrotCon for the first time, our latest guest is, like Larson, a bit of a veteran.

    No use beating around the bush any longer. Elley Ray is coming back to TrotCon.

    Some of y'all are probably out here like, wait, disembodied TrotCon voice, wasn't she already announced as coming back at TrotCon 2019's closing ceremonies? Well, no, not exactly. While there were vague statements about how Elley herself was interested in basically living at TrotCon (which, hey, free coffee in the mornings) and how we'd love to have her any time she wanted to come back as long as all the stars aligned, neither side, y'know, signed any contracts or anything.

    That's changed! We can officially say that Elley is coming back. Prepare yourselves.

    For the uninitiated, Elley Ray is a veteran actor whose credits on My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic include Mistmane and a pair of changeling characters in "To Change a Changeling." Her other roles stretch all the way back to the mid-1980s, when she appeared in multiple episodes of The Care Bears Family, Garbage Pail Kids and Sylvanian Families, and her voice has also been featured in Babar, Monster Force, Redwall, Rolie Polie Olie and many, many more.

    If you've been to TrotCon the past two years or have attended a convention at which Elley has been a guest, you already know the drill here. If not? Expect a whole bunch of positivity and fun, which practically radiates from Elley, whether you're meeting her at one of her panels, at an autograph signing or simply in the hallways of TrotCon, where she's often found when she doesn't have a prior engagement.

    Oh, and there will be balloons. Maybe a pinata. Heck, that was just last year; who knows what she has in store for 2020?

    I guess we'll find out in a little less than nine months, when she joins all of y'all at TrotCon 2020, where we currently have $45 weekend badges available through February, when the price goes up to $55. And remember, kids 12 and under get in free with the purchase of an adult badge!