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    It's already time for a new roundup of the other pony music that has been released in the meantime! Can you believe how active our community is? In this post we've also got a newcomer to the scene, Astral, who made a lovely remix of I've Got to Find a Way! Yay more are joining the herd! And familiar faces saw fit to cover some classics, too! Check it all out after the break!

    1. Tridashie & Billy Rex - Pony Girl (Barbie Girl Parody) (feat. IMShadow007 & Brittney Ackerman) (Pone177 Remix)
    Vocal - Drum & Bass
    A heavenly remix of the community classic, full of creative chopping of the original vocals!

    2. Vylet Pony - Jealousy (feat. Nontree)
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Synthwave
    The last song on Vylet's concept album Love Letters: Colourless, this Synthwave-like beauty is concluding the story in epic ways with such amazing vocals and proggy synth melodies!

    3. Tw3Lv3 - Running In Apple Acres (feat. Power Note)
    Instrumental - Liquid Drum & Bass
    This collab from Tw3Lv3's Harmony EP is featuring vocals from our beloved Applejack as well as starry melodies taking us to cloud nine!

    4. Toby Macarony - Sun Chaser
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    Aerial and ambient atmospheres are blending with Toby's signature musical style in this track about Sun Chaser!

    5. Nyancat380 - The Crunch
    Instrumental - Glitch Hop
    In Dash's words, this is so awesome! Epic guitar and melodic synths are complementing each other so well in this trippy experience featuring our beloved pegasus!

    6. 4EverfreeBrony - Someone Like Me (Covering Aviators)
    Vocal - Soft Rock
    Part of the cover album Copycat, this tribute to Aviators' song by 4EverfreeBrony is so impressive and emotional to the fan of the original!

    7. Paloris - Hope (Tw3Lv3 Remix)
    Instrumental - Liquid Drum & Bass
    A beautiful re-imagining of Paloris' original, that makes our souls soar at the same time as Scootaloo with the help of Dashie!

    8. Damien - Salvation
    Vocal - Soundtrack
    Another solo release of an OST track from Damien's MP3 Saga Erebys, and this one is featuring French vocals enacting the story!

    9. Remember Falling - The Sun Is Dark
    Vocal - Indie Pop/Alternate Electronic
    Another track from the upcoming album of Remember Falling (formerly Sights Unseen), it has beautiful vocals and a personal story in the description once again!

    10. Daniel Ingram - I've Got to Find a Way (Astral Remix)
    Vocal - Piano/Chillout
    A short yet beautiful remix of the classic, that makes us excited about the next pony tracks that Astral may have in store for us in the future! Welcome to the herd!

    11. Rockin'Brony - Stay (Covering 4EverfreeBrony) (2019)
    Vocal - Soft Rock
    Rockin'Brony already covered that song from 4EverfreeBrony in the past, and this renewed tribute has the impactful vocals that we love to hear from Rockin'Brony, as well as a beautiful instrumental accompaniment!

    Embrace The Magic Of Friendship (MLP:FIM x Equestria Girls Mashup)
    Wubcake - "All I Want Is You" Applejack Sings (RariJack Tribute)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!