• Poll Results - Best Trixie and Starlight Glimmer Episode! - And Important EPISODE REWATCH Time Poll!

    "For 9 at least..." 

    Seems fitting that the episode with the epic song ended up dominating the poll! Trixie and Starlight were obviously my favorite duo in the show. I don't need to tell you that.

    We've got a new poll up for an old idea we want to make actually happen! Lets celebrate the last 9 years by reliving it weekly! We need your help deciding on a time to do it each weekend though. A few people have bounced around the idea of shifting it to prime time, while others would prefer to stick to the early morning slot for nostalgia purposes. You decide!

    We've got a few people interested in running stream events with us each weekend. So hopefully we can make it just as fun as usual.

    Go vote on the side bar!

    What Time Would You Prefer for Episode Rewatches on Saturdays? (All times PST)

    Below the break, get your Trixieglam results.