• Equestria Girls Special 'Holidays Unwrapped' Released Through Hack!

    My surprised face...really. After a hack that started with the rest of the episodes of season 9 which was then followed with another hack containing tons of behind the scenes files from the show, the same hacker has also gotten their hands on 'Holidays Unwrapped', the EqG special.

    As always we won't be posting it here but we wanted you all to know about it in case spoilers start popping up again over the next few days when searching for Equestria Girls stuff. We know it has been released earlier in some markets but this warning is just in case for those who missed the spoilers in the initial wave.

    Do not post links to the special in the comments, they will be deleted and you may be subject to a ban!

    Thanks to Maik for the heads up.

    Twitter: Calpain