• Rainbow Roadtrip update hits Gameloft MLP Game

     The Gameloft MLP game has dropped a big ol' update for the Rainbow Roadtrip special, adding a hunch of ponies and an overall mission to solve the color crisis.

    They also have a few other side missions added that go along with it, albiet not in the movie.

    Check out the patch notes and screenshots below.

    A slew of stories await you in this latest update! Stories that will take you to colorful lands to find new friends and foes where you’d least expect them to appear!



    The Rainbow Festival is underway in Hope Hollow, and none other than Rainbow Dash is the guest of honor. But upon arriving, she notices something is missing from the town… namely, ALL OF ITS COLOR! Help find the magic needed to bring back the beauty in this Limited-Time Story based on the “Rainbow Roadtrip” TV special!


    Leaders from around the world have assembled in a grand convention of art, diplomacy and unity. But while digging through historic documents, Twilight Sparkle finds an age-old treaty that threatens to redraw the very map of Equestria… Help resolve this political crisis in a Limited-Time Story based on the comic, “Convocation of the Creatures.”


    The Mane Six work so hard, they deserve a dip in the hot spring… to relax a while… and turn totally mean! Team up with Rarity to uncover what dark force has taken hold of the ponies in this Limited-Time Blitz Story based on the comic, “Ponies of Dark Water.”


    When the heroes of light are locked away, it falls upon night to save the day. Join Trixie, and other former villains assembled by Princess Luna, to fight a never-before-seen threat to Equestria in this Limited-Time Blitz Story based on the comic, “Nightmare Knights.”

    Thanks to Explosionmare for the heads up.