• Pinkie Music: Spikey Wikey - Booty Time [Trap]

    Fun songs like these are appreciated too, not to mention that this is art too! Not just the music, but how Spikey Wikey turned those Pinkie vocal samples into new sentences and meanings, not unlike what some MLPYTP are doing! Along OmegaOzone's... overwhelming artwork to say the least, the wonky song is giving a new side to Pinkie that may not be the most lawful one, but that will still make for a fun time and lots of things to appreciate in what is a tasteful musical experiment. The vocal part from 1:52 to 2:03 is something I'm especially fond of, it's amazing how that was made so perfectly to make you believe that Pinkie is really saying that! And with those cool visuals in the video too, this looks so legitimate! That was definitely genius from Spikey Wikey! This song is part of a new album that just got released, Party's Over!

    (Saucy visuals warning)