• Emotional Pony Music: Niłch'i Poni - Memories of Ambrosia [Downtempo/Liquid Drum & Bass]

    Niłch'i Poni aka F 109 has always been about crafting unique atmospheres and including World Music instruments and influences to make for such stunning and emotional experiences in their songs, and if they contributed to the upcoming Ponies at Dawn Eternal, you just know that they must have brought their best game. And you definitely get confirmed of it by listening to this incredible masterpiece Memories of Ambrosia that is straight from the album and a pre-release courtesy of Drumscape Library. You get greeted by such an emotional and deep atmosphere from the start, and then get transported in another realm with such a rich soundscape showcasing divine sound design and pony vocal chops, for a very creative experience of sound and emotion. The later DnB section is further enriching the already amazing piece, and we then get overkilled by such an emotional melodic bassline, to finish in what is most definitely a very creative outro as well. I just can't get over how incredible this track is!!
    By the way, the full schedule & lineup poster of the live release party of P@D Eternal is up, check it out!