• New Expansion for Roan Called 'World at War' Kickstarter Launched

    The tabletop RPG Roan has launched a Kickstarter for a standalone expansion set for their series! If you're a fan of both tabletop and ponies, the series is certainly worth checking out and if you have tried it before and liked it now is your chance to support the next addition to the game world!

    Check on after the break for some more details from the creators as well as some game-related artwork!

    From the successfully backed Roan RPG comes the standalone expansion Roan: World at War
    World at War brings to you a new set of rules that introduces Platoon combat, allowing readers to indulge in large scale warfare which can be used in combination with the Roan RPG system (in the form of special forces).
    World at War shares some similarities to the core Roan RPG game, but differs in the scale of movement, combat, and the use of vehicles and the landscape for travel.
    Where you would create a character in a regular Roan game, World at War enlarges the scale of that single character to house an entire platoon, be it a mixed team of combat and engineering units, a tank platoon, or other mixes.

    Will you join in the defense of the Roan nation and their allies against the Ratvarian menace, or will the world be swallowed in discord forever?
    Help us to end the Rat Kings plans of world domination!

    Support the effort at the Roan: World at War kickstarter:

    Twitter: Calpain