• Equestria Daily Now Supports Dark Mode

    Luna is one happy pony, because Equestria Daily now supports the dark mode feature that many popular web browsers have implemented in the last few months.

    As of now dark mode can be enabled in the following browsers:
    • Firefox 67 and up (including the Android version)
    • Chrome 76 and up (including the Android version)
    • Safari 12.1 and up
    • Safari for iOS 13.0 and up
    The easiest way to enable dark mode is to set your operating system to dark mode. Most browsers should follow suit. Firefox and Chrome both have dark mode themes in their settings sections if you don't want to do that. Either way will work.

    While we try to get dark mode working for the entire site, for now there are a few places where it's not working correctly yet:
    • Poll
    • Ad areas
    This is mostly due to those being loaded externally and not properly supporting dark mode yet. We will try to get those darkened as soon as we can.

    If you find any other issues with the new dark mode, please let us know!

    Dark mode support for the Equestria Daily iOS and Android app should follow in a couple of weeks!