• Twilight Sparkle Day Comes to a Close - Misc Submissions

    Even the Princess of Friendship who has like 5 other jobs needs a break some time. Twilight Day is officially over, and this is your post for stuff we didn't have a dedicated category for today.

    The next pony themed day is Rarity Day way out in September. At least it feels like way out, until the day pops up out of nowhere and I suddenly panic trying to think of how the hell I'm going to manage another pony day. Until then, peace!

    Go get the misc stuff below.


    (Random / Sad)

    A post from Hasbro shocks bronies and pegasisters around the world.

    Fans cry in despair as Hasbro confirms the tragedy: “Season 9 will be the last season of Friendship is Magic.”

    And to you, a fan of the beloved series and fandom you’ve been a part of for years, it was too much to bear. That’s it- It’s coming to an end. My Little Pony Generation Four is closing it’s curtains- It’s universe put to bed forever.

    All has been lost. It’s done. It’s goodbye...

    (Adventure / Mystery)

    What began as a studious endeavor into the origins of tribal magic quickly becomes rife with bedraggled exhaustion as a strange message invades Twilight's dreams, forcing her research to take a drastic new course that leads her on an adventure all across Equestria. For every answer she finds, yet more mysteries arise. What is the source of the daunting dreams which plague her at every moment's rest? Will she see with eyes unclouded... or lose sight of what's truly important?

    (Adventure / Mystery)

    House of Enchanted Comics presents...

    Mane Six as Power Ponies! Together they'll go against a new villain, who is fond of magic, technology, and riddles.


    Cake Thing