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    • How this episode shoulda happened: 28 Pranks Later
    • Human, Real World Counterparts to Star Swirl the Bearded
    • Human Sunset Shimmer
    • Does Twilight even WANNA be leader?

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    How this episode shoulda happened: 28 Pranks Later
    By: FlareGun45

    And now time for another segment of "How this episode shoulda happened"! Brought to you by Burger Blimp™ - Let your taste buds soar!

    Today, we're doing S6E15: 28 Pranks Later! Now this feels like something that shoulda been solved a long time ago for Rainbow Dash, but I think there's more to the moral than just taking pranks too far, and here's how I see it! For starters, instead of a Rainbow Dash episode, this coulda been a Pinkie episode since Pinkie didn't get a solo episode in season 6, and this episode coulda been about the same as how the current episode starts: Pinkie taking her pranks way too far to the point where it starts hurting ponies. Now instead of going too far, maybe Pinkie woulda realized how hurtful her pranking was, and she decides to stop pranking forever.

    When she stops pranking, it takes alota her happiness with her, and her friends start to feel bad for taking away something she was passionate about. So the CMCs ask for Pinkie's help at selling cookies, and then starts the zombie invasion, and it turns out very similar to the original 28 Pranks Later, and it turns out to be a town-wide prank in order to help Pinkie get her pranking spirits back, and her friends tell her that it's okay to prank, just prank responsibly! It woulda taught us the same lesson, but adding to it! This definitely woulda been a great way for this episode to be more likable to the fandom!

    Human, Real World Counterparts to Star Swirl the Bearded

    Star Swirl the Bearded is considered one of the most influential ponies in Equestrian history and the history of the My Little Pony world. Well known for his expertise in magic, and is probably also a big philosopher and scholar.

    But what about human counterparts in Earth who.might closely parallel Star Swirl the legendary unicorn? Two examples might be the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle. No doubt about that.

    However, several major figures from early (1st to 5th Century AD/CE), Roman Empire-era Christianity might also closely parallel Star Swirl. Examples probably would include Saul of Tarsus (St. Paul the Apostle), Tertullian, Origen, and Augustine of Hippo (St. Augustine).

    Human Sunset Shimmer
    by Reigning Blood

    I’ve often heard many fans insist on seeing the Sunset Shimmer from the human world appear in Equestria Girls. However, I do not believe that such a character needs to exist yet alone appear in the series as many characters from Equestria have no known counterparts in the human world. They include Wind Rider, Sunburst, Cozy Glow, Iron Will, Cheese Sandwich, Gilda, Little Strongheart, Braeburn, the Young Six, Thorax and Starlight Glimmer. Similarly, there are many characters from the human world that have no known counterpart, pony or otherwise in Equestria. Among them, Principal Cinch, Gloriosa Daisy, Timber Spruce, Micro Chips, Wallflower Blush, Vignette Valencia, Indigo Zap or Sunny Flare. Why must Sunset Shimmer have her own counterpart in the human world when there are so many characters that only exist in one world without a counterpart in the other? Please stop insisting that a human world Sunset Shimmer should appear. Such a character will only appear if Hasbro and/or the writers want her to.

    Does Twilight even WANNA be leader?
    By: FlareGun45

    Twilight was happy where she was, as the Princess of Friendship, all she had to do was run a school, travel around to help ponies, she was happy! But then Celestia unexpectedly gave her a promotion to run Equestria, something Twilight never asked for. Something she never expected to do! Celestia never even ASKED Twilight if she wanted to run Equestria, she just GAVE it to her! She's just stuffing destinies down Twilight's throat basically! While Spike's the opposite, he has no destiny, Twilight has a ton that she never asked for - she never asked to be a Princess in general! At least being the Princess of Friendship makes sense to her story arc, a valuable asset to Equestria's cause, now she's gonna be LEADER? This whole story arc doesn't really make sense. Cadance was a princess much longer than Twilight, but she's running the Crystal Empire, so who's gonna run friendship duties if Twilight's running the country? What's the use of Twilight's castle and the map now?

    However, when ya think about it, perhaps Celestia and Luna never asked to be leaders either, and were just forced to become ones by Starswirl. Celestia had dreams of being a part of play, something she didn't get till much much later in her life. Basically, this is like Snowfall's story in Hearth's Warming Tale - with that Professor Snape pony forcing her to comply to her studies instead of going out and having fun, which made her bitter. Perhaps the princesses were bitter at first, apparently Twilight was in the beginning of the series.

    Seems like there's a drawed path laid out for Twilight by Celestia, and the only thing Twilight really asked for was to be part of her school, not all this. Sure Twilight may be alright with being leader now, but it's not like she had a choice in the matter. No wonder she never asks Spike what he wants, she was raised to be like that - nobody asks her! She hasn't said no cause she never speaks up against Celestia, which she shoulda, Celestia probably would understand knowing her.