• Pinkamena Party Music! Pony Vocal Chops and Cool Experiments!

    Previously posted, the new Pinkamena Party compilation album themed around Gen 1-3 of MLP sure made an impression, and a very positive one with so many interesting and creative tracks! Some of them already got a YouTube release, find them after the break! Not just Gen 1-3 pony sampling, but regular Gen 4 as well, and it's so awesome! I'm also including Koron Korak's track Partying Like if it was Yesterday in this post even though it's not part of the album, because it was designed to fit to the theme of the album and was intended for it, and because it's so fun to experience Koron's take on a Pinkamena Party-like track! It's full of pony, too!

    Spikey Wikey - Skinny & Bony
    Payyn x PoniPlague - Utter Flutter Blast
    DAϟH - Ground Zero
    Koron Korak - Partying Like if it was Yesterday
    Additive Subtractive - Lickety's Split
    Kakofonous A. Dischord - One Night in Ponyland

    All of these are available as part of Pinkamena Party's compilation album PONYDOME VII: INJECTED WITH PONY!