• Awesome Pony Anatomy Tutorial by DimFann!

    I absolutely adore it when artists share their methods on how they draw our cute cartoon horses. It's technical and can be a bit overwhelming, but it's beautiful and certainly helpful for those new and old who draw equines. I guess it's so cool to me because we're getting down to where form meets function in a biological way, heh.

    Anyhow, with our open art event going on and it always being a little slow in the mornings, I thought I'd share this new comprehensive guide made by DimFann! It's got everything from wings, to horns, to how legs and hooves work. It really is an all in one treat!

    If you're interested from the example above check out the whole collection of tutorial images here and give DimFann a look at their Twitter while you're at it (account does contain some suggestively posed pony, nothing serious).

    Also make sure to check out our Tutorial Codex sometime for more pony tutorials!

    Twitter: Calpain