• ACD/PCD Music: Djohn Mema & Sable Symphony - ACD (Blame It) [Hard Rock]

    A favorite of mine among the recent releases, this absolute beauty of a track stars the incredible vocals of Djohn Mema who is acing that Hard Rock style along Sable Symphony who brings all the tasteful and heavy guitar riffs! And it's all about our feelings after a pony con ends... Check out these amazing lyrics! The duo definitely did wonderful and I love them so much! Rock music forever!
    Also, find below an additional writeup by Blackened Blue, a fellow rock/metal pony musician!
    "Post-con depression is something we can all relate to in some way, right? After this year's BronyCon, it's definitely hit some of us hardcore. However, Djohn Mema and Sable Symphony have brought us a gift in the form of music to help us recover: a catchy rock tune about the sad feeling you get after a convention, complete with a heavy breakdown. Let's drown our sorrows by headbanging to this beast!"