• Pony Community Soapbox #144 - Maud Pie Problems, Equestria Vs. EG Timeline, And More!

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    Headlines this week:

    • My Problem of Maud Pie
    • Big Mac and Sugar Belle getting married?
    • Flim & Flam's cameo in Between Dark and Dawn: an indication of how some secondary things will be covered
    • Why do the writers ALWAYS give all the Mane Six a role in Pinkie Pie episodes?
    • Comparing Timelines: Equestria vs. Human World

    And get your soapboxes below!

    My Problem of Maud Pie
    By: Warriorterra

    I found Maud Pie, shallow as a character. Since his introduction in Season four, she has become one of the most beloved ponies in the Fandom, but it has been all smoke and mirrors with a character that has so little: his lack of reaction and his obsession with rocks. It feels so simple and easy to make jokes with her, and that's why everyone loves her. Also, she's a character that cannot hold a story, always have to work with another character to make a contrast with her, whatever is Pinkie, Rarity (in FF #29) or Starlight, and that makes it predictable and you know what is going to happen.
    And then, the writers made a "prosthesis" for her. Mudbriar, a character that looks and acts like a Rule 63 of her. And somehow, it's more annoying than she, I heard that some people compare with Sheldon Cooper, but I don't see the similarities, at least they're superficial at least. And that my main issue with Maud and his "coltfriend", they are perfect examples of their cutie marks, a rock and a piece of wood, I don't feel them as alive as other characters, and I feel them overrated.

    (I'm sending once again the text, i feel a little parts don't read good enough, to understand it.
    I apologise for this, and i hope this don't happen again)

    Big Mac and Sugar Belle getting married?
    By: FlareGun45

    So what's next in Big Mac's life? He hasn't had his special episode this season yet, since it seems like ever since season 5, Big Mac's getting at least one special episode for him! So what could that episode be? Perhaps maybe taking the next step with his relationship with Sugar Belle? Maybe getting to know more about his bromance with Spike? Or maybe seeng his siblingly bonding with Applejack? How about ALL THE ABOVE?

    I know we had quite a few wedding episodes in the series, but maybe with continuing the theme this season of "changes", maybe we could finally see Sugar Belle and Big Mac get married - and Applejack could be the leading mare to organize it! We're wondering what Applejack's final episode could be, right? Gonna Seed was a good episode, but we ain't leaving AJ with ONE episode this season! C'mon! She didn't even get her final song yet! Of course there'll be some conflict with AJ's organization, cause knowing her, she might push too hard in making it perfect for her big bro in his special day! A moral we've seen before, but this episode would be more focused on the feels!

    And guess who could be the best man? C'mon, who's Big Mac's closest guy friend? I doubt he'd pick Discord! :P I love the friendship between Spike and Big Mac, and we don't see alot of it in the series! And both times, Discord's there too hogging the spotlight! Spike and Big Mac have alot in common: both work hard for the ones they're closest too and don't get enough credit? We've seen how hard Big Mac works for his family in Gonna Seed! How about Bridesmaids? Night Glider? Starlight? I dunno, Sugar Belle and Starlight haven't been shown to be close - neither is Sugar Belle and AJ, but for planning the wedding and all, I'd have the feeling Sugar Belle would choose her as her Mare of Honor!

    And in conclusion: where would be a good place for Big Mac and Sugar Belle to get married? Under the apple/pear tree of course! Who knows? Maybe we might even see the Apple parents spirits! That'd give us a ton of feels, wouldn't it? Applegeek would lose it! Oh but that leaves the question of where Big Mac and Sugar Belle would live! Equal Town or Sweet Apple Acres? That'd be an interesting conflict too!

    So, Sugarmac wedding episode! Yay or nay?

    Flim & Flam's cameo in Between Dark and Dawn: an indication of how some secondary things will be covered
    By Dark Mind

    When I first saw Between Dark and Dawn, a small detail at the beginning of the song came to my attention: the Flim Flam brothers not in a good shape. Initially I thought this was done just for fun, but after I read Jim Miller's farewell letter, I understood the meaning of that cameo: Jim Miller said in his letter that while the Mane 6 and Spike will get a satisfying ending, there were some secondary plots and characters they wished to cover but they couldn't and some things will be just left opened, while others will be "concluded" with some elements in the backgroung. The cameo of the Flim Flam Bros. in that song, was pretty much one example of that. I think it's safe to expect other things like that in the rest of the season. It is a bit sad, but I guess they couldn't do anything about it.

    Why do the writers ALWAYS give all the Mane Six a role in Pinkie Pie episodes?
    By: Tadashi Satoru (FirePuppy)

    I just don't get it! It seems like every time we get a Pinkie Pie episode, the writers always give the rest of the Mane Six roles, even if it's in one little scene. I mean, many other characters have had episodes without the rest of the main cast appearing, like in The Point of No Return, Parental Glideance, Forever Filly, and Going to Seed, and there's been times when we've seen secondary characters but not any of the main cast, like the Crusaders in a few episodes, Spike, Discord, Big Mac, and Mrs. Cake in The Break Up Break Down, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie in To Change a Changeling, and even Maud Pie, Sunburst, some of the Student Six, and of course, the villains in two recent episodes. But Pinkie Pie, unfortunately, always has to have her friends with her at all times in her episodes, and not even once does she get to appear without them! Honestly, why did the writers always keep doing this?

    Comparing Timelines: Equestria vs. Human World
    By: FlareGun45

    Recently, something bothered me about the Equestria Girls universe. It's the timeline and how it connects, or not connect with Equestria's timeline.

    Back in EG1, there were pictures of Sunset Shimmer winning the Fall Formal for 3 years in a row! That's Freshmen, Sophomore, and Junior, so that means in the events of EG1, she's a senior, and the other Humane 6 are pretty much in the same grade, so that means in the ENTIRE Equestria Girls series, it took place in the SAME year! All those shorts, all those specials, all the same year!

    Now for the bigger issue: Twilight's first visit to the human world was between seasons 3 and 4, then her second visit was between 4 and 5, and so on, and 4 Hearth's Warmings went by since then, so that's another 4 years in Equestria time! In Spring Breakdown, it took place between the Movie and season 8, and that's all we got so far.

    So here's my theory on this: time in the human world moves MUCH SLOWER than time in Equestria. The two worlds aren't connected like that. So you can think that after Twilight and Spike went into the human world the first time, they came back much much much longer than we thought! Either that, or a few minutes went by. Time's really confusing, and especially when it comes to the multiverse theory.

    I know the devs never thought this through, but it can be quite an annoying subject for people who overthink! ;) Luckily this isn't that important of a subject to tackle. But it's fun to think about! Fanfic writers, your go! :3