• Concept Album: Narokath - Dead Wings of Grace [Progressive Metal]

    It's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here! (And wow, two concept album releases in the same day!) Narokath, aka Alexander Engström, wrote a concept album expressing both personal feelings and a MLP-inspired tale. The whole story is available in the description of both the video on YouTube and the album on Bandcamp, and such a thorough story is very appreciated, however be warned, it is very dark! It brings a darker take on Spike's arc in the show, and an alternate way his self-discovery quest in the dragon lands could have ended. Don't expect sunshines and rainbows in that story! Still, everything can be appreciated, and the story-telling in Prog Metal format all throughout the album is just so impressive and delightful. Listen to the whole thing from the video embedded below the break, or from Bandcamp here!