• Newbie Artist Training Grounds IX: Final Gallery!

    It's finally here everyone, the end of the NATG! After a month's worth of prompts and what felt like endless struggle for many of our participants the big event is finally at an end. I'm so proud of all of you that managed to stick with it over the course of so many days and those of you who even participated for one, two or just a few. Every one of you who at least tried one prompt at least had the courage to try something new and I hope to not only see you again next year, but hopefully some new faces that will take the leap into drawing as well!

    For our final gallery we managed to bring 82 ponies bringing us to a grand total of 3057 ponies for the entire event! That's a lot of ponies guys, all thanks to your creative efforts!

    Thank you all once again for participating and I hope you had fun as well. The NATG is certainly the highlight of my summer and I can't wait to hold this event next year as well! For now though, let's celebrate our graduates by checking out what they created after the break!

    1 - who me

    Art image 1

    2 - who me

    Art image 2

    3 - who me

    Art image 3

    4 - who me

    Art image 4

    5 - who me

    Art image 5

    10 Graduation Day Photo - Star Shine

    Art image 10
    And so ends another NATG. I absolutely love this event and I look forward to doing it every year. I like seeing how my art progresses with each year and how I have grown as an artist. Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my art with others and to see what other Bronies can come up with too. I hope this event continues to run in future years.

    16 NATG 2019 Day 31 : Graduation day - Devinbay

    Art image 16
    Welp NATG is over and thus it means Graduation day. Well that was an experience, their was some prompts I didn't like and some I love. All the retweets and likes on Twitter, to favorites and leaving comments on Deviantart. Thank you guys so much!

    17 Pie-Eyed Goals - GeodesicDragon

    Art image 17
    And the moral of the story is: when talking to Pinkie Pie, always use clearer language.

    19 Pep Talk - EbbySharp

    Art image 19
    Thanks for hosting, EQD.
    Thanks all for your artwork. It was a real blast this time around. If we get it, I hope to see you all next year!

    20 - Scarfanon

    Art image 20

    22 The Next Chapter - Novaintellus

    Art image 22
    You may now kiss the bride

    23 Group Graduation Photograph - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 23
    It's the motivation from others that helps us through!

    24 My Goal... Kinda - LizardWithHat

    Art image 24
    Made as much prompts as i could... i'm happy i made so much. This was a treat :)

    25 Wuhu!! We did it! - ragmo

    Art image 25
    Like the last years i'd like to thank Equestria Daily for hosting this event again. We've seen old and new faces and lots of improvement over the course of these 33 days.
    I dried new stuff here and there... and i'm very satisfied on most pieces i did this year - especially on the eyes i did (yay i can do eyes \o/)
    So: thank you Equestria Daily staff for having us again this year for an entire month; Looking forward for next years ATG

    26 Graduation Day - LennyStendhal13

    Art image 26
    I'm so glad I could take part in the ATG once again.
    Thanks everyone! To EQD for organizing this wonderful event and to all artists for making it special and adding some more colorful equines to this world, since they are never enough. ;P

    See you next year! ^.^

    28 NATG2019 - DAY30 - Graduation - DarkDabula

    Art image 28
    "There is still space left !"

    As always it was pretty tough to invest every day about 2 hours for drawing. Sometimes I had trouble to figure out a matching image for each daily prompt. But it also was a lot of fun and I could try new things. This training ground was my first which I completed fully digital.

    29 Graduation [ATG 2019 Day 30] - Spellbound Canvas

    Art image 29
    Prompt: Draw a pony graduating / Draw a pony attaining their goal.

    After sitting out the past 25 days I thought I'd comeback to do the final drawing prompt for EQD's ATG.

    This was also an opportunity to put my flagship OC into an ATG submission.

    30 Graduation - Velvet

    Art image 30
    Congratulations to everyone!

    31 Becoming a Wonderbolt - ZoneSystem

    Art image 31
    “Alright cadet! Welcome to the Wonderbolts!“
    Soarin’ seemed to be my pony of choice when drawing stuff this year for the ATG, so I though it fitting to show him graduating to become a Wonderbolt.
    Thank you Calpain for running another Artist Training Grounds event! While I didn't have the time to participate everyday, I had lots of fun trying to come up with ideas to fit with the prompts on the days I was able to draw.

    32 Goal Attained - Harry/Leatherface

    Art image 32
    Things I learned today:

    1: Perspective is hard.

    2: Bob Ross' afro is hard to draw

    3: Years of typing has ruined by handwriting.

    Anyway, I guess that's it for this year's Newbie Artist Training Grounds. I hope these continue, even with the show ending.

    It took me until the end to get anything done this year, but think i've finally found a good way to draw. A cup of tea, Brooklyn Nine-Nine playing in the background and a nice summer's day helps a lot. Who knows, maybe I'll even work my way through some of the prompts I missed.

    ...Well, maybe when I'm done with Fire Emblem :)

    I just want to say, I love this fandom. It's capable of such fantastic feats of creativity, surpassing that of the official media. The show would not be what it is without this amazing community. I'm sad the show is ending, but I hope this isn't the end for us. You're all amazing, and I'm so proud of you.

    Love you all,

    Leatherface (Equestria Daily)

    34 Do You Know the Muffin Mare? - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Art image 34
    I believe Derpys goal in life to have her own Muffin shop.

    36 - AmarthGul

    Art image 36
    Thanks to Calpain providing his signature.
    psd file at stash. Swap it with your name.

    If the link above did not work, try https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Vm9uEwnNseWHbqma_cjq1vA65HYKILPE

    37 Celebration - Wolfy

    Art image 37
    YAY Autumn made it! Graduation Day!

    38 Goal - Alexander Williams

    Art image 38
    A pony attaining their goal.

    ATG was fun, and I do feel like my drawing skills improved over the course of the month, but its gonna be back to writing for me, with (maybe) the occasional drawing

    39 No More Cinnamon Rolls - Chopsticks

    Art image 39
    I drew Artik's OC Tvælåt completing her conquest but unfortunately, it is not exactly a conquest you want to actually accomplish.

    40 NATG 2019 Day 30 Draw a Pony Graduating - TallaFerroXIV

    Art image 40
    You can only submit a request for postings. Ruby will be a Milling Supervisor for ever now.

    42 Everypony is a Star - Huffy26

    Art image 42
    Even the Rodeo star is here! =D

    43 The End - t72b

    Art image 43
    Its been fun this year, and hopefully Ive managed to get better at something along the way. looking forward to more events in the future. also it was cool watching every one else go along the same path

    44 Emperor is a gender neutral title in Equestria! - Artiks

    Art image 44
    Based on canon previously established by Vanillaghosties [](/innocentss)

    45 Mark - Ohemo

    Art image 45

    46 Graduation Day! - EbonyCrystal1986

    Art image 46
    Pinkie could never resist a chance to throw a party, of course when she heard from Ebony was graduating, she gathered her friends together and, well you can see the result of that!

    Well this pic took me all day, but I'm so glad I was able to finish it early and on time! While I know I've skipped a few prompts this year thanks to the rough month I've had, like last year and every other year, I'm still very proud of all of the ones I've done. Especially this one since I'm not used to drawing group pics this big. I might have to challenge myself like this more often! :3

    Also, I'd like to point out that thanks to his wings, Spike no longer has to worry about photo-bombing anypony in group pics as much anymore(unless he wants to lol) x3;;;

    50 Goooaaaalllll!!! - Allonsbro

    Art image 50

    52 ALL DONE!! - SnowfallMountain

    Art image 52

    54 Princess Luna Obtaining Her Goal (pixel art) - SuperHyperSonic2000

    Art image 54
    Here's a pixel art I recently did of Princess Luna obtaining her goal. I hope you guys like it.

    56 NATG 2019 Day 30 - Addelum

    Art image 56
    This was fun! I'm glad to participate in this year's Newbie Artist Training Grounds, especially as I start school in the fall.

    59 - ZetaMad

    Art image 59

    62 A Self-Achieved Goal - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 62
    Mulberry Whine's lifelong goal was to catch his tail. It was slightly more painful than anticipated...

    65 The Top - Blaster M

    Art image 65
    Roll credits.

    68 Rocktorate - SazerLite

    Art image 68

    69 2019 ATG IX - Day 30 - Graduation! - KirbyLiscious

    Art image 69
    Congratulations, everyone!! You all did such a fantastic job, whether you did just one prompt or every single one!! It was such an honor and a blast to participate with you. I hope you keep on arting away!!
    -Much love, Liscious

    70 Graduation Day - SupermarineSpitfire

    Art image 70
    In these thirty days, I have made significant progress and have learnt much about drawing. What I consider the most important lesson is that drawing is a skill. With enough practice, anyone can acquire basic drawing competency. I still have a ways to go before I can become proficient, but I welcome the challenge.

    72 Assention - Frith

    Art image 72
    Trying to end with a splash, wrestling with the Zefrank art program. Some goals come as a surprise, like dying and emerging from the afterlife with and extra pair of limbs. I get up for a 10 hour work day in four hours, I'd better poke this with a fork and call it done. Thanks for 30 day art challenge Calpain and EqD! I wouldn't have worked so hard on drawing ponies (or anything else) without it!

    74 I Dare Ya to Pick Yer Poison - MorphiusX

    Art image 74
    So do you remember that one IDW My Little Pony: Friends Forever #32 (Fluttershy & Daring Do) that Daring Do is afraid of Spiders?
    Do you also remember that one mention Spike said from Twilight Sparkle & the Crystal Heart Spell that Daring Do is also afraid of fish?

    76 Don't Tap Out On Me - MorphiusX

    Art image 76
    "Water You Waiting For??"

    77 You're Already Dead! - MorphiusX

    Art image 77

    'Been getting rather sloppy with the crayons as I rush in later than anticipated.

    78 Sayonara, Space Cowpony - MorphiusX

    Art image 78
    Here's to the FIM series finale...!

    79 ATG Day 30 - Making Rarity proud - MajuPaju

    Art image 79
    NATG sure was fun :)

    81 Six Degrees of Friendship - phallen1

    Art image 81
    The Student Six! Or maybe they're the Graduate Six at this point. You know what's funny? There's only one pony in this pic, and he was the last one I drew. In fact, other than Yona and Sandbar, this is the first time I've drawn any of the Student Six. Twas a challenge to get them all drawn, even with the extended deadline for today's turn-in. With that, I have successfully drawn and submitted something for every prompt of this year's Newbie Artist Training Grounds. So that's me attaining my goal for this event, and the first time I've pulled it off in several years. Thanks to Calpain and the Equestria Daily crew for putting this on! It's been fun!

    Twitter: Calpain