• More Pony Music! Soundtrack, Indie Pop, and other Wonders!

    Time for a new roundup of the other pony music that has been released by the community in the meantime! Various genres, and passionate involvement in different creative aspects of the community! Find it all below the break!

    1. Reverbrony - Relentless
    Instrumental - Metal
    New release by Reverbrony, new occasion to rock out to progressive, heavy, melodic guitar greatness!

    2. Spiral Harmonies - Ponyville's Incident
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    The standalone upload of the BGM from BrutalWeather's animation Ponyville's Incident, composed by Spiral Harmonies!

    3. The Empty Tomb - Dream Land
    Instrumental - Chiptune
    What might be The Empty Tomb's best track to date, Dream Land and its progression is filled with so many melodic and fluffy wonders! It's themed around Luna, but using that sprite of Pinkie as the cover art to fit to the Chiptune vibes!

    4. Rusty - Always Be There
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    "Happy music with deep meanings", as someone in the comments had it recently! Oh, and incredible creativity and unique-ness! There's something special and very enjoyable to Rusty's songs, and this one is sending such a warm message of support!

    5. Heartsong - Celestia's Ballad ~ Music Box Lullaby
    Instrumental - Music Box
    In continuation to the previous music box cover of I'll Fly, this is a new lovely arrangement that is quite emotional and heart-warming!

    6. Daniel Ingram - Better Way to Be Bad (Swagg-Brony Remix)
    Vocal - Trap
    There's definitely some very cool vibes in Swagg-Brony's signature Trap compositions and remixes, and this one is no exception! Also check out Swagg-Brony's other recent track, Shining Armor's Theme!

    7. CisumClassic - Location Themes (Part 3) (MLP RPG)
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    The continuation of CisumClassic's musical series around a MLP RPG is here! 3 new field themes this time, and I'm especially fond of the last one in the video, the field theme for Seaward Shoals from S06E22 PPOV, that has the kind of versatile arrangement that I love to hear in OST tracks! Plus I have a weakness for harbor towns <3

    8. Lightning Collector - Change & Let Go (feat. Atomic Adam)
    Vocal - Garage Rock
    Ok this was not recorded in a garage, but almost! You can feel the spirit of rock in this honest and passionate recording from Lightning Collector who wrote the song and performs guitar, drums, AND vocals (and even an egg shaker in his strumming hand..!), accompanied by Atomic Adam who plays the bass. Just so lovely to watch and listen to! You guys ROCK! Keep it up!

    9. Run To Break Free (Ice Angel Remix)
    Vocal - Future House
    Each and every MLP song just HAS to get at least one remix from the community! The song from the EQG Better Together short of the same name gets a very magical and emotional remix from Ice Angel and it's so appreciated!

    10. Camaro Cougar & Dutch Brony - My Princess Luna (Original by Gustav Holst)
    Vocal - Piano
    This has been released some time ago, but as apparently it hasn't been posted then (because it was a WIP awaiting an animation), and as I've been told that the animation has been cancelled and been asked to feature the song as it is, I will go ahead and post it now. It's "a retake of the classical song In the Bleak Midwinter by Gustav Holst", and it tells "a beautiful and touching story of a human, who eventually makes it to Equestria, and expresses his joy for being able to meet Princess Luna". I'm sure many of us can relate to that kind of feelings, hehe! The vocals are so gorgeous and the lyrics are lovely! Maybe Luna can hear this in some way, and I bet she would be very happy!

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!