• Artist Training Ground Reminder: Starts on June 24th!

    As mentioned about a week ago, the Artist Training Grounds is returning this Monday on June 24th! For those of you who missed the initial posting please click the link in the last sentence for more information! 

    Some extra notes though to help us prepare for our first day! As the format will change very little from last year, check out our tutorial for uploading on the first day here. That way you will have the image hosting site you prefer either registered (if you're new) or a refresher if you're a returning veteran.

    Last year I also posted images myself for the rare few that could not use our compiler for whatever reason. Whether it was because artists were too young to register an account somewhere or if imaging sites/our compiler were blocked in their country.

    If you have this problem feel free to email me at calpain@equestriadaily.com with your submission each day. 

    Due to a change in my waking hours in the past year, the time when each ATG prompt and gallery is posted will be shifted to 9pm Blog Time (12am EST) for the event this year. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this might cause some, but it's the only way to ensure I don't end up only getting 3 hours of sleep each day for a month. This means the event will start the evening of Monday the 24th instead of midnight on the 24th so watch for the post to appear two hours after the Nightly Discussion!

    Thanks for listening everyone! If you have any questions please send me an email at the above address! Seeya on Monday!

    Twitter: Calpain