• Pony Rap Album: ShobieShy - The Sho [Hip Hop]

    The amazing pony rap initiatives just keep coming!! ShobieShy provides with his own super album full of wonderful pony treats. The first track Enjoy the Show featuring Doodled and Drixale on the beat was featured in the new Ponies at Dawn compilation album Skyward and it's such a powerful and amazing piece, the story-centered track Fame is so so lovely, I Won't Leave is Shobie's own letter of love and dedication to the community and it's so awesome to hear and it expresses such a wonderful message I highly recommend it (starting at 07:48 in the video), Infinite Night brings Zecora vibes, and overall so many tracks are referencing ponies so much (to those who were regretting that not many pony musicians were making explicit references to ponies in their songs, you will be very happy with this album). Shobie did so amazing with both his vocal talent and his passion for MLP, collabing with many other community artists, and it's just so wonderful to see! Pony fan works forever! Check out the full album on Bandcamp here or on YouTube below the break!