• Pony Concept Album: SDreamExplorerS - Ephemeral II: Parallels [Prog Rock/Prog Metal]

    It is here!! SDreamExplorerS' new album and continuation to Ephemeral I: Letters and Longings! If you know SDreamExplorerS aka Soul Strings, you will know about the powerful feelings that he nurtures for ponies and how his albums are reflecting such important personal meanings about Equestrian experiences. You will also be able to tell just how much love has been put into this album, with the incredible musician crafting all those compositions by himself and playing various instruments, as seen in the Oblivion Highway WIP Compilation video! The whole album showcases so much talent and passion, and many influences ranging from Prog Metal to Jazz and even some Latin styles of music! Get the whole experience from Bandcamp here, and on YouTube below the break!