• Quantum SEAPonyCon announced

    Greetings from the Medium!

    The amazing innovators at Project SEAPonyCon’s Engineering Division are proud to announce the fruit of their diligent research - Quantum SEAPonyCon!

    Have you ever wanted to be at a pony convention but had trouble leaving home? Are you disappointed that there are no pony conventions in your country anymore?

    There’s no need to be disappointed anymore with Quantum SEAPonyCon! This 21st April, join us in an all-new venue - The Medium!

    The Medium is a venue with no specific location, yet is it in every city, every town - it takes advantage of being in a quantum state of presence. Now with the innovations developed by our engineers, we are proud to organise the first pony convention in the world with this technology!

    Your ticket comes complete with the state-of-the-art EQX-700 Recombobulator Wristband - a marvel of technology that will beam your presence into The Medium without ever having to leave home. Simply wear the band to initialise it and 15 minutes later, it will be ready to beam you to The Medium at the push of a button.


    Vendors get an amazing upgrade at Quantum SEAPonyCon! Friendship Pro, our vendor system has been enhanced with the power of the Hyperventory™. Now your entire inventory crate can follow you anywhere you go in The Medium. You’re free to roam the convention without being tied down to your booth while still being able to take orders and fulfill them on the spot. The Quantum Cache Inventory is always available so you’ll never have to take backorders again!


    Our signature panel and activity platform Harmony Six is now supercharged with the power of Magic Bullet™. This unique combination of optical and auditory hypnosis synchronizes the minds of your audience to ensure 100% memory retention. You’ll never have to waste precious stage time repeating yourself ever again.Your audience is guaranteed to get the message the way you meant it to be the very first time, all the time.

    Crystal Empire Records’ two premier concerts Friendship X and thunder:storm return to Quantum SEAPonyCon for a night to remember. With almost the entire label roster performing, we give you the power to choose whose set you want to witness. Simply refer to the performer code in your welcome kit and if you have purchased the add-on, punch the corresponding Artist code into your CX-55 CueKontrol™ Dial to tune yourself to the specific Delta-frequency where your desired artist is playing in. No other convention has crammed this many performances into just one night of programming.

    What are you waiting for? Tickets are on sale now at competitive prices! Click on over to Quantum.SEAPonyCon.com to get your ticket today for the pony convention of tomorrow!

    Twitter: Calpain